Tablighi Jamaati from TN impersonates Hindu businessmen by misusing his Aadhar; Booked air tickets to Delhi to attend Nizamuddin Markaz

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- Venkatesan TS
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Police in Tamil Nadu have found that one Sabir Ali had traveled to Delhi and attended the Nizamuddin Markaz in March using the Aadhar details of a Hindu.
The case came to be highlighted after one Kirana shop owner Chelladurai of Valavanthi village in Mushri Taluk near Trichy was forcibly taken to be tested for Corona virus by the police. Despite his protests and admission that he never ventured out of the village, the police had to get him tested as his Aadhar details showed that he had traveled to Delhi in March.
Chelladurai was shocked when a posse of policemen, revenue and health workers knocked on his door on Saturday, 11th April and asked him to accompany them for testing. Fortunately, his test came out negative. Chelladurai told the media that he has no passport and somebody had misused his Aadhar number and associated details.
It was then the police went about their investigation using Chelladurai’s Aadhar. They found that using his Aadhar number and address one Sabir Ali had booked air tickets to travel to Delhi from Chennai. The misuse was intentional as there was no need to impersonate anyone else if the aim was travel alone. People opine that this calls for a detailed probe into the conspiracy behind the use of Aadhar for such nefarious purposes.
The spurt in corona tested positive who attended Delhi Tablighi jamath is going up day after day with new cases without any respite. So far, Tamil Nadu has reported 1,242 Coronavirus cases with 1,117 being traced to the Tablighi Jamaat Markaz. 14 have died of the virus.