Rattled Maoists instigate migrant workers at Bandra

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Most of those who assembled were Muslims from Malda and reached there without any luggage. This has given rise to several questions about the intent and the organisers of the assembly. 
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The fiasco at Bandra has all elements of a artificial assembly artificially engineered by the Marxists to show anger against the arrest of Urban Naxals Anand teltumbade and Gautam Navlakha who were asked to appear before the court in the Bhima Koregaon Case.
Apprehensions are being expressed that the Bandra incident is a retaliation for the surrender of Maoists Anil and Goutam in Bhima Koregaon Case. Sources say that Urban Naxals may have instigated the migrant labourers to go back to their home states. The fact that those migrants workers who gathered there are from Bengal, specifically from Malda, affirms these suspicions. Organiser sources say that they were instigated to go to the Bandra station and launch a protest.
Several messages on messaging platforms being shared among the Urban Naxals to create unrest over arrest of Anand teltumbade and Gautam Navlakha affirms these allegations.
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It is also being said that the Shiv Sena led government allowed the gathering to divert attention from the poor handling of #COVID2019 cases in Maharashtra. The agenda is also to blame the centre and PM Modi for extending the Lockdown and hide their failures in administration and managing the crisis throughout the last 3 weeks.
The Bandra gathering of laborers pose several questions which also point to it being artificially engineered:
1. Why did the laborers not have any bags/luggages if they were home bound?
2. Why did they not to go to Kurla terminus from where train to UP and Bihar originate?
3. If the laborers came from all parts of Mumbai why did the Maharashtra police not notice them?
There are allegations that Islamist forces also joined the conspiracy to defy the lockdown and instigate the Muslim laborers to join the gathering. This was alleged after Islamic cries were heard from the gathering.