Sister humiliated, Brother Injured! The price one had to pay for spreading awareness of social distancing in Didi's West Bengal

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 Bappa Pal abused and hit on head several times by TMC activists

-Anindya Banerji

Identifying hotspots by region and sealing them can not be dealt with the Coronavirus. That is why lockdowns in the entire state need to be tightened. It seems like that's the thinking of the Mamata Banerjee led government of Bengal. In this situation, hundreds of people were gathered in the lockdown situation at a Trinamool Congress office in the old market area of Baruipur. After seeing this, brother and sister duo from a family living in Baidya Para, at Baruipur, went to protest. The sister went to protest at first, but instead of being aware, the TMC activists started abusing her. She has pushed away and removed.
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 Copy of FIR filed by Bappa pal after a violent attack on him against TMC workers
Now the question is why the gathering and who carried out the crowd?
On Saturday morning, Toto and auto drivers gathered in the area at the behest of VibhasSardar, a local TMC leader at Baridpur Vaidya Para. A lot of people gather ignoring the health warning practically undermining present lockdown situation. The area became terrified. Resident Devajani and his brother Bappa protested.
Her brother protested while seeing the humiliation of his sister. Then the crowd gathered around him and started beating him violently. He was beaten black & blue with bricks were thrown to him for which he received the severe head injury. After receiving the news that the young man was lying on the ground, the police of Baruipur police rushed to the spot and rescued the injured and sent them to Baruipur sub-divisional hospital for treatment. The young man had several stitches on his head. Later, Bappa Pal filed a written complaint at Baruipur police station. The family has been in trauma & panic since the incident.

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About this, Bappa Pal said, in the morning, in front of our house, local youths who are mostly auto drivers were flocking in large numbers. As it might increase the risk of Corona, so my sister went out to raise awareness to maintain social distance, but when they attacked her and beat her, I went to rescue her, and they have started beating me black & blue.
Many of the locals gathered in numbers are active TMC activists, and the attacked person is alleged to file FIR implicating those party workers. Where the municipal representatives in the area are responsible for making people aware of the lockdown, why are the city representatives of Baruipur so indifferent? After the Chief Minister's announcement, many ordinary people were in the house, but there was no shortage of enthusiasm for the TMC activists and municipal representatives in the area. Even civil society is condemning it.
Ignoring Didi's cautionary remarks, reckless are many of her party workers activists who do not even hesitate to attack a sister of such an unfortunate brother In Bengal. Ordinary people are terrified, looking at these incidents.