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Wise Decision!

Apropos (Be Safe, Stay in e-Touch), Organiser, April 5, 2020, the decision to postpone print edition of Organiser and continue as web edition only till the health emergency following coronavirus is over seems to be a wise decision at the time when even in families people avoid touching the close family members. Maybe as a compulsion, print media will have to opt for web-only as print form of newspapers and magazines have no future. What is required for the print media today is to evolve a sound revenue model for the web. The day it happens, the print will start vanishing.
Dr. Sanjay Kumar,Ujjain

Tough Action Required

Apropos (Nizamuddin Area in Delhi Cordoned Off after over 200 show symptoms of Wuhan Virus), Organiser web, even while evacuating Shaheen Bagh on first-day of the 21-day lockdown, the illegal protesters in Delhi spoke in an anti-national manner stating that ‘Modi virus is more dangerous than Coronavirus’. Funds are pouring in the relief funds of Prime Minister and Chief Ministers to meet the crisis. But how far is it fair to risk the lives of Corona-warriors for the crime of religious fundamentalists who were responsible for the sudden jump in the number of Corona cases in the country, because of undesired religious gatherings. Central government should be tough in dealing with those who organised religious gatherings during the lockdown period.
Subhash Chandra Agrawal, Delhi

Terrorists in Kerala

Apropos (ISIS Terrorist from Kerala carried out the Attack on Gurudwara in Kabul), Organiser web, unless and until we monitor mosques and madrasas which are brainwashing young minds to join the terrorist outfits like ISIS, a day will come when the world will say, terrorists, came from India. The 1.3 billion people will get accused of the crimes of a few people. USA and many European nations monitor the activities of Mullahs, Moulvis, and others who may harm them. Shame on the people of Kerala who killed our own Sikh brothers living in Afghanistan for more than 100 years. Hindus in Kerala must unite and kick-out all anti-Hindu parties. This is the only option left to stop Kerala from becoming another mini Pakistan or Palestine.
Rangaesh S. Gadasalli,
through web

United Efforts Sabotaged

Apropos (PM Modi can Transform India after the COVID-19 Disaster), Organiser, April 5, 2020, congratulations to our dynamic Prime Minister and his team for managing one of the biggest threats to humanity. Our infection rate is still very low when compared to other nations. Our problems are with enemies and their agents who want to incite people to disturb the peace and create chaos. After reading the reports of lakhs of poor labour running away from Delhi with their families and walking miles after miles, one's heart starts crying. Looks like AAP Congress and Shaheen Bagh players started spreading false news about impending sure death for all workers if they stayed in Delhi. The Centre has taken measures to punish the officers and others who were behind this mass exodus. Netherlands has returned all masks and gloves etc. to China and has also canceled orders for more supply. Spain is really upset as the vaccine sent by China was not effective. Italy, which allowed a few Chinese doctors to visit and guide, has become suspicious of whether China was planning genocide. A US Company has filed a lawsuit demanding billions from China. Let us unite and nullify the anti-national activities at our own land.
Rangaesh S. Gadasalli,
through web

Remembering a Karmayogi

Apropos (Karmayogi Dr. Haribhau Wakankar), Organiser, April 5, 2020, Dr. Vishnu Shridhar Wakankar was the great personality who waved the tricolour with pride across the world. He introduced the vast richness of our history not only to Bharatiyas but to every history lover in the world. He will remain immortal through his unparalleled work. The young generation should know about such great personalities. It is better an organised social media campaign is carried out during his birth centenary year so that the people should know about his contribution.
Keshav Kumar, New Delhi