The Great Game - China’s Insatiable lust for world dominance at all costs

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Chinese defector Wang Liqiang has exposed how China has been trying to usurp control over other countries by arm twisting, money power and coercive techniques. 
-Nabanil Sanyal 

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Chinese defector Wang Liqiang has exposed China's nefarious designs to take control of the world 
Wang "William" Liqiang, a self confessed Chinese Spy revealed startling details for the first time ever. He revealed that he was in charge of extensive espionage and interfering operations around the world by the People’s Republic of China in order to flex its political clout across Hong Kong , Taiwan and Australia. The 28 yrs old Chinese said he had been in the thick of the efforts by the Communist Party to destabilise the democratic processes around its territory by meddling with the democratic Hong Kong protest, which is now withdrawn due the Corona Pandemic. He alleged the last task he was assigned by his boss, a so-called investment banker, was to influence the Taiwan Presidential election of 2020, was won by the incumbent president Tsai Ing-wen. It was then he decided to request for protection in Australia.
Wang Liqiang's desperation to save his life illustrates the true face of the oppressive, totalitarian and dictatorial regime of the communist party. He had sought to expose China to a News Agency ‘60 minutes Australia’ towards the end of November 2019, when he feared for his and his family’s life. Wang whose father and mother stay in china fear CPC will kill them because he is a traitor to the state.
Knowing that he is being followed in Australia as well since he dropped off the radar of his boss, he had to change home 3 times. Australian Intelligence Agency ASIO already had reports of Chinese spy network’s attempts to infiltrate in Australian parliament and politics since their fallout with China over it’s stance on the South China sea dispute. ASIO took cognizance of the horrendous activities of the spy agency of PRC and initiated investigation to the ulterior motives of China and its incorrigible hunger for World dominance.
Chinese Modus Operandi to stop dissent
The Hong Kong protests where millions poured over to the streets to dissent the extradition bill (one of the five key demands) introduced by the Chinese backed Chief of Hong kong Carri Lam was peaceful until Wang was assigned to infiltrate the protest where he worked with a group under him to turn it violent. 5 established citizens of Hong Kong who published anti-China literature disappeared one by one. One such Owner and manager of Causeway Bay Books Lam Wing-kee was kidnapped under the direction of Wang and later resurfaced in Mainland China . The news of the abduction was noted by international media and the contempt of the citizens augmented. 

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Wang Liqiang revealed that Chinese spies infiltrated the Hong Kong protests and turned it violent 
Wang confessed that he first befriended students’ groups supporting their cause of democratic expressions, later spied on the articles they read, eavesdropped their ideas and assessed literature against China. He then slowly injected reasoning toward the love for the mainland and thecommunist party. Wang asserted under his supervision the protest was penetrated with spies armed with petrol bombs and deliberately introduced arsoning to help the police launch a counter attack on gullible peaceful protesters.
The technique is uncannily similar to the protests which turned violent in India like the Vedanta Sterling copper smelting protest, the Maharashtra Kissan protest where a farmer was killed in firing from unidentified sources and the recent Delhi Riots. The introduction of spies to turn a protest violent, is an alarming modus operandi which the whole world should be made aware of at the earliest.
Interference in other countries
The 2020 Taiwan election was the most important assignment for Wang William Liqiang and CPC to execute and jeopardise the possibility of a return of the incumbent President Tsai Ing-wen who is vocal and considered hostile to the Communist Party of China’s sinister efforts to overtake the country and is known to be US friendly. Wang said discontent was manufactured over numerous domestic policy issues, including public pension reform, same-sex marriage, pollution, and labour reforms. There was a systematic approach to insult the Buddhist temples because they are important social and political hubs for Taiwanese ethos. Penetrating the media and grassroot organisations was key to undermine the incumbent President.
Wang goes on to say Taiwan is the most important faultline in current Geopolitics between China and US and it can trigger a war anytime. There is again an eery similarity of how the leftist and naxalites in India go about their business of peddling a narrative which hurts the ethos of our country like the Sabarimala temple issue, the homosexual liberty law which was recently passed in india by the NDA govt. One clearly gets to understand how the cultural aspects are systematically targeted to weaken the standing of the current government and the leaders of current time by personal attacks and racist comments such as the cow belt of india.
Wang became apprehensive when he was presented and handed over a complete new identity to take up this vindictive assignment. Only then he understood the severity of his work and the grave danger it can transpire to be. Until then he was made to believe he was working for the Country and it was his patriotic duty. Wang thus decided to drop off the radar of his boss and sought asylum in Australia where his wife studied and has a 2 yr old kid. The counter- espionage experts of Australia believe he has put his life in severe danger by coming out in open to expose the Communist Party of China of its malice. 

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China is accused of interfering in democratic processes of other countries. Taiwan and Australia have raised alarm several times 
Wang William Liqiang went on to elucidate the deep spy network in Australia in cahoots with multiple Chinese businessmen in streaming China’s hold in the politics of the country. AISO was already investigating a 2015 murder case of a 32 yr old car dealer Nick Zao cultivated by the Chinese who was a candidate of the Liberal party from east melbourne seat. This seat was currently held by the first Chinese MP Gladsy Liu who was shrouded in a huge controversy for being a chinese implant in the Australian parliament. Retired ASIO chief Duncan Lewis said that China wanted to "take over" Australia's political system with an "insidious" and systematic campaign of espionage and influence peddling. China is also extensively alleged of being behind major cyberattack into the computer systems of Australia's parliament and a university with close ties to the government and security services.
Wang revealed that he worked for the Chinese govt as an undercover spy agent under Schion Shing, a so-called investment banker who was a high ranking military officer from an office in Hong Kong. He said his family didn’t know of his work until he applied for a protection Visa in Australia. His young age and gullible face has a deep sense of palpable fright and is under constant threat of being terminated by the Communist party of China which has a terrible history of inhumane atrocities and total disregard for human life and is known to use its citizens as subjects of use.
Exposed China plays truant
As always China has tried to paint defector Wang "William" Liqiang as an unemployed fraudster and fugitive, but there are growing calls in Australia to grant him political asylum. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Geng Shuang denied the claims, accusing "some politicians, organisations and media in Australia" of "cooking up so-called China spy cases." and showed a video of a court proceeding which Wang William has categorically denied.
The ‘black box’ called China is run by the biggest Mafia group in the world which arm twists every other entity with Money power and coercive techniques. Beware and behold the end has to be near. The world needs to stand up to this bully once and for all for the sake of humanity and for a secure future. The way China handled the Covid-19 pandemic should be the final eye opener and its cahoots with all the World organisations by using brute force and money power.
It is time the diabolical farce called Communist party of China and the menacing power it flexes across the world is categorically exposed and put in the pages of a dark history. It is also time this regime is put to rest and dusted and hope a new world order emerges.
(The author is a Filmmaker and a Social Activist)