National Capital pays tribute to P Parameswaran Ji

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Despite killings of Sangh workers, Parameswaranji stood up to the challenge and showed that Hindutva's philosophy is of inclusiveness,’ says RSS Sah-Sarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal
"Despite killings of Sangh workers, Parameswaranji stood up to the challenge, continued to work and showed that Hindutva''s philosophy is of inclusiveness, unlike Communism which targets those who are opposed to its ideology," said RSS Sah-Sarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal while speaking at a prayer meeting for the P Parameswaran ji in New Delhi.
“The Communist ideology was on rise in Russia, China and Cuba and it also got a foothold in Kerala, Gopal said adding that thereafter more than 500 Sangh workers were killed and 1,000 were handicapped, he said. P Parameswaran Ji took up the challenge to stand up against the Communists in the 1950s when they were at their peak.
He said that despite continuous attacks and killings of Sangh workers by CPM, Kerala has the highest number of Shankas in the country.
Remembering Parameswaran ji at the meeting, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said Parameswaran Ji always thought about country, society and the organisation before him.
“Even though I never got a chance to work with Parameswaran, I met the veteran RSS worker several times and every time I learnt something from him,” Amit Shah said.