“I am a simple Karyakarta, and their problem is I dared to stand against their might”

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The Delhi anti-Hindu riots have seen the worst of everything. Perhaps the biggest victim of manipulated narrative is BJP leader Kapil Mishra who is projected as the instigator of violence not just by the so-called anti-CAA protesters and their intellectual messiahs but also by the international media lobbyists. To get his version of the riots, responsibility, media narratives and post-riot relief, Nishant Azad – Senior Correspondent, Organiser spoke to Kapil Mishra in an exclusive interview. Excerpts:
It is alleged that the riots in Delhi were caused by your speech?
Only a few people who want to sell their white lies are against me, and the public has refused to buy these lies. The people who have been promoting violence and provoking Muslims in the name of CAA are against me. Those who raised slogans like 'Bharat Tere Tukde honge' and upset about the hanging of terrorist Afzal Guru are against me. Those who want to separate the Northeast from the rest of Bharat are against me. Only such people are accusing Kapil Mishra of inciting the violence.
The reality is violence has been going on in Delhi since December 16. The buses were set ablaze in Jamia; an Assistant Commissioner of police was hit with stones in Seemapuri, and an attempt was made to spread riot at Turkman Gate in Delhi. At the same time, railway stations in Bihar and Bengal were burnt, and public properties were set on fire in different parts of Uttar Pradesh and in rest of the country. All this has been happening for last 100 days in the name of CAA. Anti-CAA people were preparing for major violence in Delhi for a long time. Their grudge against with me is that Kapil Mishra is coming in front, ready to see them eye to eye and giving a call to clear the roads. If one stands today, then thousands will rise tomorrow. Therefore, make Kapil Mishra a villain, crush him so that no one else dares to stand up tomorrow.
People are saying that everyone was living peacefully until the election was held. Now that you have lost the election due to the protests, there are riots in Delhi?
There were no elections in Delhi when AAP leader Amanatullah Khan along with his people was setting fire in Jamia. There was no election in Delhi on December 17, when the Bangladeshi infiltrators were stoning ACP Rajbir in Seemapuri. When Turkman Gate was set on fire, then there was no election. Some people are trying to blame me for violence, but the majority of the people can clearly see that truth.
People against me are portraying Mohd Shahrukh as 'Anurag Mishra'. They want to save Tahir Hussain and describing him as innocent. They want to tell you that the bombs used by a Muslim mob on Hindus were in self-defence. They only want to show the death of one side and desperate to depict Hindus in a bad light by calling them rioters. They want to change the complete narrative, while the truth is that these so-called protesters were preparing for the riots for the last three months. They were making petrol bombs, storing stones, buying acid bottles for since long. Tell me, what was wrong in my statement that Ankit Sharma was stabbed 400 times with knives?
Mohd Shahrukh has been arrested now, but why was Tahir Hussain on the run. Who is trying to defend Tahir Hussain and where was he hiding?
I want to ask "Tahir Hussain Kiske hain". He is a councillor from Aam Aadmi Party. For three days, bombs were thrown, and bullets were fired from his house. Who were the people Tahir talking to on the phone then? AAP leader Sanjay Singh first made that statement in media that Tahir is not at home. Police were saying he was very much at home. So it is necessary to ask, who had given protection to these leaders who were helping the rioters. Unfortunately, many people in this country are ready to save and give shelter to people like Tahir Hussain. The bitter truth is he would get many senior lawyers to defend him.
NDTV’s Ravish Kumar, portrayed Shahrukh as Anurag Mishra. A group of intellectuals and media visiting Shiv Vihar referred both Rajdhani and DRR both as Muslim schools. In contrast, DRR school belonged to a Hindu and was burnt down with a conspiracy. People are watching the blatant lies of some media houses and intellectuals. Their propaganda is being exposed. The names of those who died are being misinformed, the names of those killed are being misrepresented. The bomb keepers are being described as innocent. So who are these people? It is time to identify those who are providing safe heavens to many Tahirs sitting in our midst. 
"People against me are portraying Mohd Shahrukh as 'Anurag Mishra'. They want to tell you that the bombs used by a Muslim mob on Hindus were in self-defence. They Are desperate to depict Hindus in a bad light by calling them rioters. People are watching the blatant lies of some media houses and intellectuals" - Kapil Mishra, BJP Leader
In recent videos that had gone viral, Umar Khalid and Harsh Mander have exposed the intent behind anti-CAA protests. Your take.
Anti-CAA people do not want a decision in courts or discussion in the Parliament because they do not have facts and logic on their side. The anti-CAA protests are based on absolute lies. Till date, they have not found anything wrong in CAA.
The Prime Minister, the Home Minister, have been saying many times that this law is not to take away anybody's citizenship. Still, you have set the streets on fire. It is clear from Khalid's video that everything was pre-planned. Harsh Mander who has gone to court against me today came up with the statement that we will decide everything on the streets. Delhi-based lawyer Mehmood Pracha who has filed a petition against me clearly stated that if necessary Muslims should sell their houses and properties to buy weapons. The sad part is these people have gone to court against me while giving hate speeches.
Kapil Mishra is projected as a villain, even by the international media, as if the bombs were found at my residence. I am a simple Karyakarta, and their problem is I dared to stand against their might. That is why they are trying to portray me as a terrorist.
A section of Bollywood and Intellectuals has been consistently campaigning against CAA and misguiding people. What do you have to say about this?
As far as Bollywood is concerned, many of them are Durbaris of the terrorist, Dawood Ibrahim. These people have not read what CAA is and have no understanding of laws. Some of them consistently work to defame India by saying — 'India me dar lagta hai' (We feel insecure in India); Pakistan is a better place to live'; Lahore is my favourite city; It would have been better if I was born in Pakistan. People giving such idiotic statements are preaching what is wrong and what is right in the law passed by the Parliament. When a journalist Rubika Liyaquat asked Swara Bhaskar about CAA and NRC, she had no answer. Their livelihood depends on speaking against the country.
Do you feel that the Government failed to make people understand that Indians have nothing to do with CAA, especially Muslims?
I want to say one thing. How will you explain CAA to those who did not understand in 40 years that polio does not cause sterilisation. They do not want to understand anything. There are videos of Muslim women claiming that they are being forced to sit on anti-CAA Dharna. At the site of the protests, instead of discussing CAA, they shout slogans of Kashmir independence. The issue is not CAA; the real pain is Ram temple, abrogation of Article 370 and the emphatic victory for the Modi-led NDA. It is all frustration, and that is why they are blocking roads everywhere, setting public properties on fire and provoking a community against Government. The Government is working with great patience, as it has more important things to do.
There is some fundraising for the riot victims. How are you planning to utilise the collected amount?
We are trying to provide help to everybody who got affected by riots; whether it is by rebuilding shops, monetary support and several other ways. Our main objective is that if there is any loss, we are there to help them. Those who have become helpless will be offered help immediately. We will not let anyone break. We will not allow anyone to be weakened; for this purpose, we are working.
There are repeated threats to kill you. Does that scare you?
I am indeed receiving death threats from everywhere and on all platforms. I am not scared of their lies or their threats. These people have started a hate campaign against me, but what I did is right, and if necessary, I will again stand up against these people.
(With Yatharth Sikka)