Anti-Hindu Delhi Riots: Latest video evidences prove violent Muslim mobs attacked police resulting in death of constable Ratan Lal and grievous injury to DCP Amit Sharma
Videos also show how Muslim women acted as shields to rioting men who also pelted stones on the police and vandalized public property.
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While the Lutyens media's attempt to paint Delhi anti-Hindu riots as anti-Muslim, ground reports, eye-witnesses and video evidences have given their game away. After a flurry of such evidences emerged, the same Lutyens gang tried to obfuscate the violence of the Muslim mob as 'self-defence'.
However, their repeated attempts to save the Muslim mobs has failed once again after Delhi police released new videos which clearly prove that the police were surrounded by slogan shouting Muslims, both men and women, and were attacked with sticks, stones and other weapons.
In one video sourced from Chand Bagh area, it can clearly be seen that hundreds of Muslims attack the police without provocation. Police force which was hugely outnumbered by the mob, is seen running away from the spot to save their lives. Eye-witnesses say that it was here that Ratan Lal suffered a bullet wound and was injured. He later passed away.
In another video from the same location but from a different angle shows the way DCP Amit Sharma could have been attacked and injured at the spot. The mob consisted of Muslim men and burkha clad women who acted as a shield to other rioters. The rioters can be seen pelting stones from behind the women and also vandalize public property.
It is alleged that the mob here was organised by Muhammad Athar, AAP leader from Chand Bagh. The Delhi police are reviewing the latest visuals and are on the lookout for the mobsters and the organisers of the riot.