Churning for Harmony
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Union Minister of State for Health Ashwini Choubey being welcomed at the Kumbh 

 Vanvasi Raksha Parivar Kumbh-2020 concludes at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium with the pledge to support Vanvasis in their all-round development

New Delhi: “Discrimination against any section ultimately weakens the society. We visit different religious places across the country throughout the year and find no discrimination there. Then why should there be any discrimination against our own people in the society? All Vanvasis, Girivasis and Nagarvasis should live with complete harmony sharing each other’s happiness and sorrow and also supporting each other. This unity will resolve many problems of the country,” said Geeta Manishi Swami Gyananand Maharaj, while addressing the Vanvasi Raksha Parivar Kumbh-2020 on February 23. The Kumbh was organised by Vanvasi Raksha Parivar Foundation, a wing of the Ekal Abhiyan, at Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium.
Thousands of people from eleven states including Delhi and National Capital Region and also Ekal workers engaged in bridging the gap between Vanvasis and Nagarvasi attended the Kumbh. Prominent among those who addressed the gathering included Swami Anubhutanand Giri Maharaj, Vishwa Hindu Parishad international president Shri VS Kokje, founder of Ekal Abhiyan Shri Shyamji Gupt, national president Shri Bajrang Lal Bagra, organisation incharge of Vanvasi Raksha Parivar Foundation Shri Virendra Kumar, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Shri Ashwani Chaube and many eminent persons from business, industry, social and cultural organisations.
Ekal Abhiyan is dedicated for all-round development of Vanvasis living in four lakh and forty thousand villages through five-directional education. Through education, health, Sanskar, awareness and developmental activities it has effective presence in over a lakh Vanvasi villages.
Prior to the organisation of the Kumbh, 101 Rashtra Raksha Yajnas were organised in Delhi to motivate the people to actively support the Vanvasis. The objective of the Kumbh was to take the message of Ekal to at least one lakh urban families. In the beginning, there were marvellous presentations of traditional dance from Himachal Pradesh and Assam. The workers from Nepal presented patriotic songs in Nepali. At the end, Swarninaad Group from Pune presented ‘Jago Hindustani’ cultural programme.
Shri VS Kokje said Vanvasi Raksha means protection of the Vanvasi culture and values. “We the city dwellers are indebted to the Vanvasis because they have traditionally been protecting our forests, natural resources and the cultural values. Hence, it is our responsibility to help them,” he said. Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare Shri Ashwani Choube applauded the work being done by Ekal Abhiyan.
Shri Shyamji Gupt said Shri Ashok Singhal had given the task of taking Ekal work to one lakh villages. Ashokji always stressed that the city dwellers should become Ramsevaks in real sense. He said the day one lakh Vanvasi Raksha Parivar come forward to help the Vanvasis, the scene in Vanvasis areas would change.
Swami Anubhutanand Giri Maharaj said Ekal has bridged the gap between Vanvasi and the city dwellers. “The Hindu society is strong because of the Vanvasis. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the entire Hindu society to help Vanvasis join the mainstream,” he said. Shri Bhushanlal Parashar from Sanatan Dharma Pratinidhi Sabha assured full support to Ekal’s activities.
Shri Virendra Kumar pointed out that they have tried to reach 35,000 families in Delhi through 101 Rashtra Raksha Yajnas. Now all those families would be motivated to actively support Ekal activities. He appealed to the people to adopt Vanvasi villages by contributing some amount every year. In the beginning, some Vanvasi Kathakars and urban people who have joined various Vanyatras shared their experiences.