Time to isolate and ostracize China from the comity of nations

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In an attempt to become all-powerful, China through its unviable and uncultured lifestyle and ruthless business practices, has pushed both the health of the world and economy to the brink. It is hightime the world too the threat from China seriously to save humanity.
- Subrata Bhowmick
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Through typical and horrible food habits, inhumane and cruel attitude towards own people, Chinese Communist party literally have become groups of demons as described in Bharatiya Puranas. Highest number of atheists in the world live in China. They are absolutely devoid of those moral and spiritual values which help to abstain from cruel, inhumane and hellish behaviour. Most of them are communist cadres. They can commit any kind of hellish work with cool brain. The entire development there are solely for those communist cadres and their near and dear ones. The picture of Shanghai like smart city based development, prosperity shown by them is only for those limited people. The rest of China is completely sullen. People are suppressed there and have completely lost their utterance.
Some examples of their horrible and hellish works are - as the saying goes that most of such Chinese people eat everything except human being among two-legged, chairs, tables and diwans among four-legged and aeroplane among flying beings in the sky. These Chinese have almost eaten out majority species of birds, animals and insects as these are harmful to agro products. They usually collect tiger's meat through hunters from Bharat and other Asian countries. They believe that tiger's testicle curry, penis soup will make them sexually powerful like a tiger. Imagine how nasty are their thoughts! People having such typical, filthy food habit and atheists are invariably injurious to the peace loving, calm & quiet and more or less spiritual Bharatiya People who believe in the principle of " sarve bhavantu sukhina " i.e " let's all be happy". we have experienced its burning proof in 1962.
This is not the end of their hellish and devilish works. A report by Reshmi Roshan in Times of India, September 2005, in a nutshell stated that," a Chinese cosmetics company harvest skin from the corpses of executed convicts to develop beauty products, lipsticks and collagen injection for sale in the UK and Europe used for anti aging and beauty treatment, cosmetic surgery to plum up lips to highlight pouting beauty and to iron out wrinkles." The report further states that," amnesty international has told US Senate that nearly 90% of transplanted kidneys in China come from executed prisoners." Not only that," at least 5000 of the roughly 5500 known execution worldwide in 2004 took place in China.
According to recent statistics gathered just over a decade ago 77% of all executions that took place in the world occurred in China. The country l routinely executes 62 people a day." The report claims that, "the Chinese see the practice as 'traditional' and nothing is unethical about harvesting the skin of condemned convicts." So it can be concluded that a vicious circle is heavily proactive in China to cause more execution by any means. Now it is easily apprehensive that, those who are accustomed to behave with their own people in such a nasty way could treat the people of other countries in any way. As follows that China has spreaded out worldwide moulded toys made of used cotton, bandages for patients and women's napkins. Just imagine their filthi thoughts and deeds.
This scenario leaves no room for any doubt that China is also the king pin behind this Corona disaster which has created worldwide tremors. Keeping in view of the continuous and past devilish misdeeds, several suspicions come to mind which can't be nullified as baseless. Such as:
1) At present the ratio of young and old in China's population is 1:6. Beijing consider these senior citizens as a burden since they are the main obstacles for rapid economic growth. So to reduce this burden considerably it is quite possible that Beijing has developed genetically modified Corona virus which is particularly dreadful to senior citizens. They might have also invented it's resistant/ vaccine not to be applied for the Corona infected senior citizens but for others. As a result, smoothly and silently within a specific period senior citizens would be wiped out.
2) Having invented vaccine/resistant, let these viruses be spreaded out in other countries in normal way. (any one of the 15crores(approx) Chinese travellers going abroad each year may be its carrier. Italy and America are affected so much because number of Chinese travellers in these two countries are maximum. And just to keep ownselves above and beyond suspicion let it be spreaded in their own country and even let some people die there. If businesses, economy suffer to some extent, no matter. Being economically strong they would tackle it easily. But this Corona episode will cause huge economic debacle in economically weak or mediocre countries since they would suffer immensely for not having any resistant/ vaccine. And taking this chance, China would pretend to be their friend in need and bring them into it's debt trap. It would help Beijing to be Economically the most powerful country. The consequences of Italy, Spain and Iran like countries are indicating the same. Even America is quite at a loss facing Corona. And if Bharat, which is capable to supercede China economically in near future and America would suffer a lot, there would be none to stand before the Chinese dragon. Though all of us strongly believe that we would be certainly victorious in this fight against this Chinese virus.
3) China is taking preparation for bio-chemcial war and it's a trial either willful or accidental, though China can't deny its responsibility in the latter case also.
Now, which above-mentioned hypothesis is the true one could be known by the world only if some daredevil and great hearted persons ( like Claose Flukes who secretly passed the technology of atom bombs to Russia so that a balance of power could be maintained in the world) or undercover agents would be able to reveal the same even at the stake of their life. But it is almost impossible, because the name of the country is China. There is no democracy, no election, no opposition. Lives of ordinary people there have become hell under the oppression of the communist dictatorship. We couldn't even no a little bit of that. The number of post Corona death cases in China so far as we have come to know is nothing but tip of the iceberg only. Because, media enjoys no freedom there. The fuel of Google search engine exhausts there; Facebook is defaced; Zukerberg becomes a joker and WhatsApp has to shut up there. Their entire charisma is in Bharat or alike democratic countries.
There is no trace of the doctor or scientist who for the first time revealed some secrets of this virus. A real state merchant who has called the Chinese president a joker in the context of Corona debacle, subsequently is not being traced by his kith and Kin. 

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The sole objective of Chinese Communist party is to dominate the world like Hitler or Stalin, having been supreme economic and military power. Even Mao dreamt of a complete atomic war on the assumption that at the end of the war entire population of America, Russia, Japan ( the then potential rival of China) would be almost wiped out but China would have at least 35 to 40 crores population to rule the world. Thank God, such a hellish dream couldn't materialise. For this, even they treat their own people (except communist cadres and their near and dear ones) like slaves. Any business concern (either domestic or foreign) can exploit Chinese laborers by paying them lowest wages in the world by just satisfying the communist leaders and their kith and kin.
Under the communist regime Chinese laborers are not in a position to burgain for proper wages through their respective trade union as they have no right to form a trade Union at all( perfect example of proletarian dictatorship indeed!). That's why China made products are the cheapest in the world and it has become the only destination for all the manufacturers worldwide just to reap of the benefits of lowest cost. As a result, industrial production of many countries have become completely dependent on plant and machinery, tools, spare parts and semi-finished inputs either imported from or made in China. Many countries and MNCs ( some of them also own media houses) typically keep mum on all such above hellish and inhumane misdeeds of Beijing just to do business with low-cost.
For this reason, Chinese arrogance has no limit. They pretend to be a close friend of Bharat but never show entire Kashmir in their official maps. They always demand Arunachal as their own territory and try to project it as a disputed territory. They have been trying to humiliate Bharat in Nepal, Bhutan everywhere. They eagerly want to build corridor through POK which is unquestionably integral part of Bharat. Their adament attitude in South China violating the judgement of the international law tribunal is well known to all. Their paid agents have been marking label or packages of fake medicines with "made in India " in order to malign Goodwill of original Medicines 'made in Bharat' as well as to destroy the huge worldwide export markets of 'made in Bharat' medicines. Beijing's official correspondent 'Global Times' is accustomed to publish article filled with deragotery comments against Bharat and Bharatiya People such as- we have no work culture; we work less but demand more through trade union; Bharatiya products are inferior than Chinese products; we are completely dependent on Chinese products from dawn to late night; so Delhi can only bark but can't bite etc.
Now this is our turn. Capitalizing the environment of suspicion and anger created against Beijing among international community in the context of Corona disaster, the time has come to send China into 'Isolation'. For their misdeed, now the world community are compelling to maintain 'Social Distance ' and passing days through immense mental agony. We should pay back all these along with interest to China by just maintaining ' Economic Distance ' with them i.e to lock down imports from China.
The strength of China is reversely their weakness also. Sixty percent of China's economy is export- based. There should be a worldwide call for boycotting 'China made products'. If world community collectively 'Lock Down' imports from China, the backbone of their economy will definitely crumble down. In this way we could Knock down Beijing not by hand but by bread.
Every Bharatiya should always keep in mind that to buy China made products really means:
1) to be the partner of those inhumane exploitation of Chinese hapless laborers.
2) to be responsible for destruction of our domestic small and cottage industries, as a result of which our own youths are losing their jobs or not getting.
3) With those profits China is becoming more and more powerful economically and militarily; helping Pakistan, Islamic militants and Maoists ( tukde tukde gang) just to break Bharat into pieces. So, to buy Chinese products means to be an associate of that bloody conspiracy indirectly. 

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Gandhiji said," Since we don't go to any foreign country leaving our motherland just for better climate, it's not our duty to reject or boycott domestic goods if foreign goods are cheaper and more beautiful. The husband, who goes in search for other woman as his own wife is not beautiful, is considered a betrayer to his wife, similarly, the person who likes foreign goods for being better than domestic goods also betrays his own country. The rule for the progress of each country is that, the countrymen should prefer domestic goods more." ( Translated, Young India, 30-05-1929) We should follow this feeling for boycotting ' made in China' products.
In the context of isolating China, the favourable position of Bharat is also noteworthy. Firstly the volume of cultivable land in Bharat is 16.5 crores acres. In China it's only 9 crores. Irrigable land is 6 crores acres (approx), first in the world. So, we are capable to survive for a long period just consuming rice/ bread and pulses which is not possible for export based China. Secondly, as already stated that the ratio between young and old in China is 1:6. It would distort their economic growth. in comparison the percentage of young generation in Bharat is the highest in the world. Approximately 30% of labour force in the world is of Bharat. In case of any developmental work, war or disaster this youth power is a blessing and advantage for Bharat in comparison with China.
Thirdly, reliability and durability of 'made in Bharat' products in international market is much more higher than 'made in China' products. So, if we can reduce the production cost to a further extent, in the long run we will obviously be the winner.
Fourthly, Bhartiya economy is not solely dependent on exports like China. Imports from China is near about five times higher than exports to China. If Bharat -China bilateral trade is locked down or curtailed to a great extent, the financial loss to China would be many times higher than Bharat.
And lastly the most important factor is, we should have to be the best alternative to China for all manufacturers worldwide. The rate of wages in Bharat is still much lower than any developed countries in Europe and America. On the other side, as per" hundred day's work" scheme, in most of the cases wages are paid for non productive work. For example, digging personal pond; increasing the base height of any individual house with soil; making village road high cutting soil from two sides which is washed out in the rainy season and in the next year again making the same roads high and so on.
Government of Bharat Can adopt a strategy such as, the current rate of wages for the labourers employed under 'make in India' scheme should be reduced considerably and non productive wages incurred under' hundred day's work' scheme would be transferred to those labourers account to that extent so that ultimately each labour would get the same wages but manufacturer have to pay less. As a result, production cost in Bharat will be considerably reduced and for this no labourer would be deprived or exploited like in China. It would make 'make in India' scheme most popular Worldwide. Parallelly, under 'skill India' scheme the unskilled labourer should be imparted skill to make them skilled and semi skilled. Consequently, manufacturers worldwide eager to do business at low cost would be greatly attracted to make in Bharat instead of China.
Therefore, in a nutshell our core strategy should be -
i) Calling people worldwide to boycott ' made in China' products
ii) To maintain 'economic or business distance' with Beijing
iii) To lock down imports from Beijing.
iv) To send Beijing into isolation
We have no hatred or annoyance to the hapless common people of China exploited and opressed by the communist regime. We should increase 'People to people contact' with Chinese ordinary people. If we adopt the above strategy with cordial goodwill and conviction it is inevitable that we would be able to isolate Beijing in the long run and the cumulative anger in the mind of common people against the Chinese Communist party would obviously blast and democracy would be established in China like Soviet Union, Romania which is not only auspicious for the common Chinese, but also for the world.