Gandhi, Constitution and Truth are Burning at Shaheen Bagh

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Factual argument is a word without which you cannot even sit in any debate or competition. But see the misfortune of the country that the opposition put people on the road for their political ambitions. If a person agitates without facts or knowledge, then that movement is harmful to the country because people agitating for such changes do not want to talk to anyone, they hide their face on every question. Those who do not know the meaning of "CAA" are also sitting on the road

Amit Bhobhia

A  similar movement is happening in today's India. There is no difficulty in this that the leader of this movement is the opposition. This is the act of stubborn weak opposition, which can prove to be harmful to a democratic state like India. The general public is not doing this movement; behind this movement is the hand of left commies. To know this truth on a logical basis, we have to read this little carefully.
"This movement is happening in the capital of India, Delhi, which is one of the busiest cities in India. Life here is such that both women and men do some work for their livelihood. Most people of Delhi are busy in their work, life is not possible without work here. From this point, a question arises, how have the people of Shaheen Bagh been sitting on the road for than 100 days? Are they not going to work? Are they not having food ?"
Now the question is, who are these people then? So let me tell you that these people are people of opposition parties, who want to take electoral advantage through this movement. By the way, they also know that the country is right of citizenship amendment law because the discussion about citizenship amendment law had started in the period of Congress itself.
In this movement both the Constitution and Gandhi were being insulted, as violent mobs came out onto Delhi roads with a petrol bombs in one hand and a picture of Gandhi in the other that the crowd not only insulted Gandhi but Gandhi's thoughts on ahimsa too. Gandhi wouldn't have liked this. When I saw the magnitude of arson on the road, I remembered the never-ending Chaurachori incident. The stigma had shaken Mahatma Gandhi. Do you remember the Chaurachori incident? If not, I will remind you.
"In 1922, Mahatma Gandhi called for a boycott of foreign cloth, quitting English education and making cloth by spinning wheel. His Satyagraha movement was bringing revolution to the whole country. On Saturday, February 4, 1922, volunteers gathered at Bhopal Bazaar in Chaurichora and were passing in a procesion in front of the police station. Then a police officer declared the march illegal. A soldier trampled on a volunteer's Gandhi cap with his foot. Gandhi supporters became angry on seeing Gandhi's cap being tampled upon.
When they opposed this, the police started firing on the procession in which 11 volunteers were killed on the spot while more than 50 were injured. When they ran out of bullets, the policemen ran towards the police station. The mob was followed by the firing and picked up kerosene oil from a shop near the police station. After laying the burden of Munja (Scientific name: Saccharummunja) in the police station premises, poured kerosene on it and set it on fire. When the police officer tried to run, the mob caught him and threw him into the fire. In this case, 23 soldiers hiding in the police station died of burning.
Friends, riots have no place in Mahatma Gandhi's India. Think, if Gandhi were there, would he have ever seen the marks of 400 sharp wounds on Ankit Sharma's body?
Riots in Delhi were not sudden riots, they were being prepared in Shaheen Bagh for almost the last 3 months, this is evidenced by the deadly chemicals and petrol bombs from Tahir Hussain's house. The rioters had gathered large quantities of weapons to burn the country's capital 
Is it not an insult to the Mahatma to raise slogans like "We want freedom" in Gandhi's independent India? This question should be asked by the Congress itself, who has been ruling for nearly seven decades in the name of Gandhi. I am talking about Congress here because the Congress has had an old relationship with riots (like in 1984).
Well, if seen in true sense, after the death of Gandhi, there has been only politics in the name of Gandhi in this country. Gandhi's ideas have never been followed. If the politics of India had gone a few steps on Gandhi's footsteps, India would never have seen the riots.
Although the recent riots in Delhi were not sudden, they were being prepared in Shaheen Bagh for almost three months. This became evident by the deadly chemicals and petrol bombs found in Tahir Hussain's house. The rioters had gathered large quantities of weapons to burn the country's capital. But fortunately the police overcame the rioters in time and the riots ended in just 36 hours. Every Indian thanks the Delhi Police for this.
By the way, I never thought that any community in Gandhi's India would agitate without leadership in this way.Mahatma Gandhi never supported voilent movements with anti-national statement .
But look at the misfortune of the country today, that the movement that is happening is an anti-national act, There is also talk of breaking the country, in spite of this, the opposition parties who are doing politics in the name of Gandhi stand with that movement.
(The writer is a student of Journalism)