Shocking! Butcher of North-East Delhi Tahir Hussain's trail leads to AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal and his deputy Manish Sisodia
Investigative report of Sirf News conveys that Tahir Hussain had called Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Amanatullah Khan multiple times for three days before the anti-Hindu riots engulfed North-East Delhi.
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AAP councilor Tahir Hussain has been absconding ever since his role and that of his fellow Muslim rioters was exposed by multiple news sources and eye-witnesses. A building belonging to him was used as the launchpad of the riots where petrol bombs, catapults and stones were stocked. Delhi Chief Minister and other AAP leaders have feigned innocence about the role of Tahir Hussain in the riots. However, a investigative report of Sirf News casts aspersions over these claims of AAP leaders and shows that they could have been informed well in advance.
The call details Tahir Hussain shows that he had spoken to Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, his deputy Manish Sisodia and Okhla Village MLA Amanatullah Khan for three days before the area he lives was engulfed in anti-Hindu riots. According to information received from Sirf News, Tahir Hussain had called Khan 56 times, Deputy Chief Minister Sisodia 18 times and Chief Minister Kejriwal nine times in the said period.
The emerging details of the anti-Hindu riots and the involvement of AAP leaders like Tahir Hussain and Amanatullah Khan in instigating the Muslims over CAA was beyond doubt. However, the details of call records of Tahir Hussain puts the role of the Chief Minister, his deputy and other AAP leaders under the scanner. Few questions that arise after this revelations:
- If Delhi CM was aware of the emerging scenario, what action did he take to prevent it from happening?
- If Tahir Hussain had called Kejriwal 9 times and Sisodia 18 times, were they not aware of his involvement?
- If they did not discuss anything related to the riots, what else did they talk over phone during those three days?
- Why did the Chief Minister or his deputy not declare their calls with Tahir Hussain in public? What do they have to hide?
- Does this mean that AAP does not know the work of its own leaders and councilors?
Incidentally, another TV channel Sudarshan News has directly accused Tahir Hussain of being the culprit in the rape and murder of a girl. The disrobed body of a girl was found from the drain from where IB security assistant Ankit Sharma’s cadaver was recovered a day before. A television news channel’s crew reached the basement of now expelled AAP councillor Tahir Hussain’s house where they found burned undergarments of the victim. 
The family of Intelligence Bureau (IB) security assistant Ankit Sharma, who was brutally murdered inside Tahir Hussain’s building, had accused Tahir Hussain of being complicit in the crime. Moreover, Hussain and his men were seen in videos posted on social media, wielding a stick, throwing stones and hurling petrol bombs at people from the roof of his Chand Bagh house on 25th February.
Delhi Police are investigating all angles and are said to be on the trail of Tahir Hussain and his involvement in the riots. It needs to be seen if the Delhi Chief Minister and other leaders of AAP will also be probed and questioned.