We need thousands of people to carry forward the activities performed by Parameswarji: RSS Sarsanghachalak Mohan Bhagwat

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Sarsanghchalak Mohan Bhagawat addressing a mammoth gathering in Thiruvananthapuram on February 26 to pay respects to the late veteran RSS pracharak P. Parameswarji (Photo courtesy: S Chandrasekhar)
Param Poojaneeya Sarsanghchalak Dr. Mohan Bhagawat told in Thiruvananthapuram, the statement that void created by the demise of Parameswarji will remain empty is not right. He left this world after completing his life's mission. Lot of people will come forward to fill the void he left behind. What we need is the follow up activities for what Parameswarji performed for the samaj. For this endeavor, we need thousands of people to carry forward the activities performed by Parameswarji, he said.
Sarsanghchalak was addressing a mammoth meeting organized in the capital city on February 26 to pay respects to the late P. Parameswarji, veteran RSS pracharak , former director of Deen Dayal Research Institute, News Delhi, former national secretary and later national vice president of Bharatiya Jan Sangh and at last the director of Bharatiya Vichar Kendram, the Kerala chapter of Prajna Pravah and the president of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakuamri.
Mohanji stated that when Dr. Hedgewarji passed away, several people had opined that that was end of RSS. But, thousands of swayamsevaks and workers like Parameswarji came out to ensure the materialization of our Sangh founder’s dreams.

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Sarsanghchalak offers floral tributes before the picture of Late Parameswarji 
(Photo courtesy: S Chandrasekhar)
Sarsanghchalak stated, Parameswarji was a model swayamsevak by all means. He possessed all the nine virtues Sangh expects from the swayamsevaks – 5 enshrined in Sangh prarthana and 4 of them listed in the pledge swayamsevaks take once in their life. That is why he could influence the hearts and thoughts of the people he got in touch with. He realized Geeta in its real sense.
Mohanji said that once he asked Parameswarji how could Geeta be interpreted in the simplest terms. He answered that four duties were the answers to that query: “ Do not run away from one’s duties; Face the challenges boldly; Go to any extent for the sake of truth; Do not long for the fruits of one’s actions”. Empowered by these qualities he gave spiritual power to the society. His life is a text book for all. That several sanyasins, social and cultural activists are assembled here to pay homage to him is the evidence for the real respect he commanded. 
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All guests on dais (Photo courtesy: S Chandrasekhar) 
Former chairman of Kalamandalam University Prabodhchandran Nair presided over the meeting. Sadsangh Foundation chief Sri M, Swami Sadbhavananda of Sri Ramakrishna order, Sivagiri Mat chairman Swami Vishudhananda, Amrithanandamayi Mat Vice Chairman Swami Amrita Swaroopananda, Poet P. Narayana Kurup, veteran professor and author Dr. George Onakkoor, Swami Maheshwarananda Saraswathi of Maheshwara Mat in Chenkachoola of Thiruvananthapuram, Santhigiri Ashram’s Swami Gururatna Jnana Tapaswi, Vivekananda Kendram vice president A. Balakrishnan, Swami Vivikthananda of Chinmaya Mission and veteran BJP leader O. Rajagopal MLA were among the galaxy of well known speakers.
Famous singer Kavalam Sreekumar rendered the poems of Parameswarji. The programme commenced with the Saraswati Vandanam sung by famous singer Madhushree Narayanan. RSS Kerala Pranth Sanghchalak CA. P.E.B. Menon, Bharatiya Vichara Kendram vice chairman Dr. M. Mohandas, Ms. Nivedita Bhide and V. Surendran, personal assistant of Parameswarji for nearly three decades were on the dais.
More than 5,000 people attended the programme in the largest convention centre in the capital city.