Kapil Mishra: Instigator or Whistle Blower - Did he actually instigate the riot?
The systematic targeting of Kapil Mishra and whitewashing of Jihadi violence by media outlets and unwarranted anger of Islamists give rise to the question if they are angry because Kapil Mishra's courage destroyed their plan to massacre Hindus!
- Govindan Kutty
Kapil Mishra_1  
Partisan media outlets and their counterparts in politics have been targeting Delhi BJP leader Kapil Mishra over the recent anti-Hindu riots in the capital. But they conveniently forget that it was Kapil Mishra’s timely intervention to clear another blockade which awakened the common people to the monster of Jihadi violence that they were staring at.
The horrific violence in Delhi points directly to one side, the preparation for a major massacre. Was there a plan in place for the mass murder of Hindus in East Delhi when the Metro in Jaffrabad was attempted to be blocked like Shaheen Bagh?
Whether it is a stock of bombs and acid collected at the house of Tahir Hussain or the mob of rioters in Mustafabaaf under the cover of huge steel plates or the 60000 liters of acid that came out of Feroze Khan or Jafrabad, Seelampur, Mustafabaaf later planned Hindus Killings of leaders. It was clear that the people who are to be killed, whose shops and houses are to be burnt have been marked beforehand. Anti-CAA slogans were written at the stores in such a way that whoever does not burn gets his identity.
Piles of bricks were ordered in Muslim areas since two weeks ago, since January, a stock of illegal weapons was being caught in the hands of Delhi Police repeatedly in these areas. 

Riot Preparations_1  
Four months ago, terrorists were also arrested from this place. In December, Amanatullah Khan in Jamia, Abdurrahman in Seelampur and Shueb Iqbal in Jama Masjid openly led the rioting crowd. An FIR is registered on all three and Kejriwal gave tickets to all three. Umar Khalid had announced to make a ruckus on the roads in front of Trump. Hindu families of Mustafabad tell how MLA Haji Yunus was helping the rioters.
Ex-JNU Student Umar Khalid was caught on camera planning for riots in Delhi during US President Trump's visit
On the day of Trump's arrival in Delhi, Jamia's students announced a big protest in New Delhi. Major Islamic processions were being taken out in Haurani of Malviya Nagar since morning. The Muslim crowd stood on the streets by closing roads in Zafarabad, Chand Bagh, Khureji, Inderlok, Nizamuddin, Hauzrani and Shaheen Bagh. In Tis Hazari, Filmistan of Delhi, about 50,000 Muslims gathered from the surrounding areas of Delhi and roamed the streets since morning. There were crowds, weapons and siege.Everything was ready but there was a mess.
A day before noon, Kapil Mishra announced his arrival in Maujpur. At three o'clock the stricken Hindu people started gathering together due to the closure of the road and increasing tension. The Muslim crowds of Zafarabad and Kabirnagar went out of control. 

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The armed mob of Jafrabad and Kabir Nagar broke up in Maujpur without waiting for the slaughter which was to begin late at night. The news went on TV and stone pelting started in other areas too. People became alert and gathered in the mohallas and started patrolling.
The way the Muslim mob set fire to the petrol pump in Bhajanpura, if it reached the tanks in Chand Bagh, protesting against the CAA, everything would have been destroyed for at least half a kilometer. The public was alert, police were deployed and rioters were exposed. Despite this, the way Ankit Sharma was brutally murdered, he says that the killers were full of terroristic thoughts.
Perhaps inadvertently, the courage shown by Kapil Mishra in Maujpur could not make a big conspiracy successful. It is evident that this move by Kapil Mishra averted a major massacre.