Building a Peaceful & Sustainable Bharat
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“The Sangh will train youth who will work on Gram Vikas, Social Harmony and environmental awareness” RSS Sarkaryavah Suresh Bhaiyya Ji Joshi

Addressing a press conference today at Jan Seva Vidya Kendra in Bengaluru, RSS Sarkaryavah said that in the coming year, the RSS will focus on training the nation's youth who will work on village development, environmental awareness including water conservation and societal harmony.
The press conference was conducted in the presence of Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh Shri Arun Kumar, Akhil Bhartiya Sah Prachar Pramukhs Narendra Thakur and Sunil Ambekar.
At the press conference, Arun Kumar ji said that both Pratinidhi Sabha and Karyakari Mandal were planned. However, ABPS was cancelled due to the over the COVID19 pandemic. However, Karyakari Mandal was held as people in the Mandal had already arrived. A few decisions were taken in the Karyakari Mandal which was conveyed in this press conference.
Suresh Bhaiyya Ji Joshi said that this is the first time in the history of RSS that an ABPS was cancelled voluntarily. ABPS has never been held or suspended even when it was banned by the government. Since 1951 there has been no break in ABPS’ mandal. This time it had to be cancelled due to the epidemic outbreak.
Today Sangh operates in 70,000 villages, towns, and urban areas. Daily shakhas in 62,500 shakhas at 39000 places. 28500 Weekly and monthly Milans are held at 25,000 places. Periodic events organised by karyakartas are held at another 10,000 places. There has been an increase of 3,000 shakhas and increase in other periodic meets by 4,000. 15,000 Sangh Siksha Vargas have been conducted all over the country. The Vargas have been divided into two groups with age between 15-45 and 45-65.


Ram Mandir:
A Symbol of National Pride

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Full Text of Resolution on the Construction of Mandir at Sri Ram Janmasthan - A Symbol of National Pride


(Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal Baithak- yugabda 5121, Bengaluru 14th March 2020)

Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of the RSS is of the opinion that the unanimous verdict of the Honourable Supreme Court has cleared all the hurdles for the construction of a majestic Mandir at the Ram Janmasthan, Ayodhya in accordance with the aspirations of the entire nation. The verdict of the honourable Supreme Court on November 9, 2019 in the Ram Janmasthan issue is a momentous verdict in the judicial history. The highly balanced verdict given by the honourable Justices of the Supreme Court despite a spate of obstructions created during the hearing is a testimony to their unparalleled patience and acumen. The ABKM heartily complements the honourable Supreme Court for this historic verdict.
The learned advocates, who presented all the evidences and arguments in favour of Ram Janmasthan in a scholarly manner with dedication and commitment, deserve praise. It is a matter of joy that no section of the society has taken the verdict as a sign of its victory or defeat. Instead, They accepted it as a victory of the nation, justice and the Constitution. The ABKM congratulates all the citizens of the nation on their mature response to the verdict.
“The struggle for Sri Ram Janmasthan Mandir” is unique amongst the greatest and protracted struggles in world history. Lakhs of Ram Bhakts have sacrificed their lives in the course of this continuous struggle since 1528. At times, this struggle was inspired by some great men and at other times, it was spontaneous. The legal battle that had begun in 1950, and the mass movement that began in 1983, continued till their successful conclusion. This greatest movement in the world history has reached the pinnacle of success through the tireless and dedicated efforts of a host of great men. The ABKM deems that it is its pious duty to pay tributes with gratitude to all those known and unknown martyrs on this occasion.
After pronouncement of the verdict, it was really a daunting task for the Government to win over the trust of all sections of the society and mentally prepare them to accept it with goodwill. The ABKM heartily congratulates the Central government and the present political leadership on winning the trust of all sections with patience and fortitude.
In accordance with the direction of the Supreme Court and the sentiments of Ram bhakts, the constitution of a new trust namely, ‘Sri Ram Janmabhumi Teerth Kshetra’ as a society-driven trust instead of making it a government-controlled one and confining the role of the government to that of a facilitator reflects the farsightedness of the government. The decision to proceed with the construction of Mandir under the very leadership and guidance of the revered great saints, who had spearheaded the movement, is laudable. The ABKM fervently hopes that the Nyas will speedily complete the task of building this grand and divine Mandir and parisar kshetra at the Ram Janmsthan. ABKM also believes that all the Bharatiyas and Rambhakts from across the world will participate in this sacred cause.
It is certain that along with the process of completion of the sacred mandir, the dignity, social harmony, the sense of integrity and the urge to emulate the noble ideals of life of Maryada Purushottam Ram will grow in the society and Bharat will fulfil its mission of establishing peace, goodwill and harmony in the world. n

Karyakari Mandal Resolutions

Suresh Joshi ji next spoke about the resolutions passed by the Mandal. He said that the Supreme courts decision on Ram Janmabhoomi is welcome and we had passed a resolution commending the same and also remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the cause.
Abrogation of Article 370 was the other major decision that was taken by the Central Government. Article 370 was against the ethos of our Constitution, which says 'One Nation, One People' and development of the region was also handicapped. RSS passed a resolution congratulating the government on the same.
The other major decision was the enactment of CAA. Granting citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other minorities from the three neighbouring Islamic countries was much needed. A resolution congratulating the government on CAA was also passed.

CAA is a Moral and Constitutional
Obligation of Bharat

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Full Text of Resolution on the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 - Moral and Constitutional obligation of Bharat

(Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal Baithak-Yugabda 5121, Bengaluru 14th March 2020)
Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of the RSS heartily congratulates the Parliament of Bharat and Union government for passing the Citizenship Amendment Act 2019 with a view to resolve the complexities and simplify the process of granting citizenship of Bharat to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains, Parsis and Christians who came to Bharat due to religious persecution in the neighbouring Islamic states of Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.
Bharat was partitioned in 1947 on the basis of religion. Both the countries had assured safety, honour and equal opportunity to the minorities on their respective sides. Bharat- both the state and the society- have fully protected the interests of the minorities living within her geographical boundaries and the state has formulated policies with constitutional guarantee for their safety and development. On the other hand, the countries formed after separation from Bharat failed to provide such an environment despite the Nehru – Liaquat Ali pact and assurances from leaders from time to time. The minorities living in those countries were subjected to a new kind of slavery characterised by continuous incidents of religious persecution, grabbing of their properties and atrocities on women. The governments there also encouraged persecution of these minorities through discriminatory policies and unjust laws. As a result, minorities from those countries were forced to flee to Bharat in large numbers. Clear testimony to this fact is the sharp decline in the population percentage of minorities in those countries after Partition.
It should always be remembered that the Bharatiya society traditionally living in those regions have significantly contributed towards preservation and nourishment of Bharatiya culture and also to freedom struggle. It, therefore, becomes the moral and constitutional obligation of the Bharatiya society and government of Bharat to protect the interests of these persecuted minorities. In the last seventy years, discussions were held in the parliament many times for these brethren and several provisions were made by successive governments from time to time. But due to procedural complexities, large numbers of people were deprived of their right to citizenship till today and continued to live in an environment of uncertainty and fear. As a result of the present amendment such people will live a life of dignity.
The government, during the debates in parliament and subsequently, has clarified from time to time that this Act will not affect any citizen of Bharat. The ABKM expresses satisfaction that necessary provisions were made to allay the apprehensions of all the inhabitants of the North Eastern region. This amendment is for providing citizenship to the unfortunate victims of religious persecution of those three countries who have come to Bharat and not for taking away the citizenship of any citizen of Bharat. However, by creating an atmosphere of imaginary fear and confusion in the minds of a section of people, the jihadi-Left combine with the support of selfish political parties involved in communal politics and some foreign forces are making nefarious efforts to spread violence and anarchy across the country.
ABKM strongly condemns such activities and demands the Governments concerned to thoroughly investigate and take appropriate action against these forces who are trying to destroy the communal harmony and national integrity.
The ABKM appeals to all the sections of the society especially the vigilant and responsible leadership to understand the issues on hard facts and play an active role to defeat the anti national designs and create an amicable atmosphere in the country. 

Plan for next year

Suresh Bhaiyya ji Joshi said that the RSS has identified nearly 1 lakh youth between 18—25 and 25-35 to be involved in nation-building activities. They will be trained accordingly in different spheres so that they can take up leadership roles.
As per our survey, 15 lakh youth need to be trained in nation-building activities. Not all can be trained in a year but will be trained in phases so that such youth are involved in nation-building activities.
The next task is the Gram Vikas. We will work on five dimensions - education, health, agriculture, self-reliance and social harmony.

Extending the Constitution of Bharat as a whole to J&K


Full Text of Resolution on extending the Constitution of Bharat as a whole to the state of Jammu and Kashmir and its reorganisation – A laudable step

(Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal Baithak- Yugabda 5121, Bengaluru 14th March 2020)
Akhil Bharatiya Karyakari Mandal of the RSS wholeheartedly welcomes the extension of the Constitution of Bharat as a whole to the State of Jammu and Kashmir followed by the decision to make Article 370 ineffective through the Constitutional orders by the Honourable President and approval of the same by both the houses of the Parliament. The decision to reorganise the state into two Union Territories, namely Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh, is also a commendable step. ABKM congratulates the Union Government and all the political parties who supported this bold and historic decision and displayed a sense of maturity in the national interest. The statesmanship and political will showed by the Honourable Prime Minister, and his team is also praiseworthy.
Though all the provisions of the Constitution of Bharat were expected to be equally applicable to all the regions of the nation, due to the immediate and exceptional circumstances of aggression from the Pakistan side soon after partition, the temporary provision of Article 370 was added to the Constitution. Later on under the garb of Article 370, a large number of articles of the Constitution of Bharat were either excluded or extended in amended form for the state of J&K. The provisions like Article 35A were inserted arbitrarily through Presidential Orders sowing the seeds of separatism. Due to these constitutional anomalies, Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, OBC’s, Gorkhas, Women, sanitation workers, refugees from West-Pakistan etc. were facing blatant discrimination in the state. Jammu and Ladakh regions were deprived of proportional representation in the state assembly, allocation of resources and a say in the decision-making process. Due to all such wrong policies what we had seen in the state was growing ‘radicalisation and terrorism’ and complete neglect of the national forces.
ABKM firmly believes that the recent decisions and their implementation would nullify the abovementioned Constitutional and political anomalies. It also believes that this is in accordance with the Concept of Bharat “One nation- One People“, while it has also fulfilled the desire of the Constitution makers expressed in the Preamble 'We the People.......’ .
The ABKM also believes that the reorganisation of the state has opened up new vistas for the social and economic development of all sections of the society living in all the three regions. The reorganisation of the state has addressed the long-time aspirations of the people of the Ladakh region, paving the way for its comprehensive development. The ABKM hopes that the expectations of the refugees and displaced persons would also be addressed soon. The process of secured and dignified rehabilitation of the displaced Hindu community from the Kashmir valley should be initiated at the earliest.
It is a historical fact that Maharaja Hari Singh has completed the process of integration of the state with Bharat by signing the ‘Instrument of Accession’. To eradicate the problems arise due to misuse of Article 370, Satyagrahis of the Praja Parishad Andolan and the nationalist forces from rest of the country, under the leadership of Dr Syama Prasad Mookerjee and Pandit Prem Nath Dogra, fought for the national integration, Constitution and the dignity of National flag. In all these seventy years, nationalist forces from the state along with the rest of the country continued this struggle against separatism and terrorism, and many of them laid down their lives. Thousands of personnel from the Army and security forces have shown their bravery and commitment to defend the national unity and sovereignty and even made supreme sacrifice. The ABKM pays tributes to all of them with gratitude.
The ABKM calls upon the countrymen to rise above political differences for establishing the supremacy and spirit of the Constitution and reaffirm national unity and integrity by wholeheartedly contributing to the journey of the progress of Jammu-Kashmir and Ladakh. The ABKM also calls upon the Government to clear all apprehensions among the citizens of the area and fulfill their aspirations through effective and just governance and economic development. 

Q&A Session

Answering a question on the training of youth, Bhaiyya ji Joshi said that training will be both formal and informal. The trained youth will be used for social change. For example, a team will work on Kutumb Prabhodhan which is to inculcate family values in every family.
Other training will be to educate people on nature conservation like stopping use of plastic, water conservation, pollution, etc. We will also work with other organisations working on this front.
Samajik Samarasata is another area where youth will be involved in bringing about social harmony in the society so that everyone lives together without any differences and discarding bad practices.
Answering another question on CAA and politicisation of the act and NRC and NPR, he said unfortunately, an issue of national interest became political. There is no country which does not have restrictions on citizenship and entry of outsiders. Despite the appeal of PM and HM, some political leaders have politicised and misguided the people. We appeal that they discuss their concerns with the government and come together for the sake of the country.
If not RSS directly involving in the CAA, Swayamsevaks are involved in educating the public about CAA. The central government will also need to clarify and convince the state governments on CAA.
Answering a question on RSS working towards 'Hindu Rashtra', he said the RSS will not try to impose anything new on the society. We have only forgotten our civilizational values which the RSS is only trying to educate the society. 

 RSS Suspends ABPS amidst Corona outbreak


ABPS which was planned for months involving hundreds of Swayamsevaks and efforts of thousands of mandays was cancelled by the RSS in the interest of the participants, society and to honor the directives of the government

The RSS has always put the interests of the society and nation above its own interests. ABPS which was planned for months involving hundreds of Swayamsevaks and efforts of thousands of mandays was cancelled by the RSS in the interest of the participants, society and to honour the directives of the Government.
The Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) of RSS which was to begin from March 15 stands cancelled in view of the growing threat of COVID19. RSS Sarkaryavaha Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi in a statement said that in view of the seriousness of the pandemic COVID19 and in light of the instructions and advisories issued by the Union and State governments, the ABPS has been suspended. He also appealed to all Swayamsevaks to join in the efforts to create awareness among the public and to face the challenge successfully.
The cancellation of the ABPS again demonstrates that the RSS always puts interests of society above its own commitments. ABPS is an annual event where more than 1400 delegates from all prants (Regions as per RSS) of the country assemble at a designated venue to discuss and deliberate on the work that has happened and the plan for the coming year. Hosting a gathering of 1400+ delegates is no mean task. The responsibility of organising a flawless meet is on the local RSS units and Swayamsevaks hosting the ABPS along with consultation with the Central team.

Arrangements made at the Venue

  • Accommodation for nearly 2000 people, including 1400+ delegates, volunteers, media personnel, security staff and others
  • Kitchen to serve food thrice a day - Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
  • Coffee, tea is served for the delegates from the morning till evening at different intervals
  • Arrangements for the meet including stationery, seating arrangements, dais, audio and microphone systems, etc
  • Arranging for an exhibition at the venue on various Sangh projects and other specific topics
  • Arrangements for daily Shaka at the venue for all the delegates
  • Arrangements for stalls displaying books, magazines, clothing and other materials
  • A media corner for media personnel and press conferences
  • 500+ volunteers working round the clock to see that all the above is executed to perfection

What was at stake?

RSS is not influenced by any ulterior motives, threats, or dictates. There is neither arrogance nor a sense of self-pride for having forsaken a large annual meet for the sake of the society. It was its duty and it has done just that.
Hundreds had already arrived at the venue and many more were on their way. Hundreds were to start tonight and reach the venue on the day of the start of ABPS. Many had already left their cities of origin, were visiting places of tourist interests and were about to reach Bengaluru. Many had come along with their families and had planned to tour the state after the conclusion of the ABPS.
The thousands of tickets that were booked for various modes of travel i.e, train, air, bus, and much in advance now had to be cancelled and re-scheduled. We very well know the difficulties in getting a ticket again for any of these modes of travel if it has to be re-scheduled. 90% of the delegates who attend the ABPS are those who travel 2nd class. All the delegates had to forgo their cancellation fees and also pay up more to get new tickets at short notice.
Despite the ABPS being canceled, arrangements for accommodation, food and other facilities for those who have already arrived and those who would arrive in a day have to be made.

Efforts in organising ABPS

More than 500 Swayamsevaks are involved as Prabandhaks or organisers in organising the 3-day ABPS. Arrangements have to be made for the accommodation, food and other facilities for nearly 2000 people who would be at the venue including the delegates, volunteers, media personnel, security staff and many others.
There is a separate team that works behind the scenes to arrange these facilities for everyone at the venue. Alternate arrangements are also made to mitigate emergency situations, other contingencies and emerging scenarios. Swayamsevaks from Shakhas work day and night to organise the ABPS without any commotion or clamour.
The effort to organise a meet of this scale and to call it off is the sole decision of the RSS, purely driven by the interest of the society at large. It is not influenced by any ulterior motives, threats, or dictates from other quarters. There is neither arrogance nor a sense of self-pride for having forsaken a large annual meet for the sake of the society. It was the duty of the RSS which had to be executed and it has done just that.