All four convicts in Nirbhaya gangrape case hanged to death at Tihar Jail

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 All four convicts in Nirbhaya gangrape and murder case were hanged to death at Tihar jail in Delhi early this morning. The executions were carried out seven years after the brutal rape and murder that shook the nation.
Delhi High Court and Supreme Court last night dismissed a last-minute plea by the convicts, paving the way for the execution. This is for the first time that four men were hanged together in Tihar Jail.
Nirbhaya, a paramedic student, was gang-raped by six men in a moving bus in South West Delhi in December 2012. One of the accused killed himself in jail and the sixth- a juvenile - was released from a reformation home after serving a three-year term. Reacting to the development, Nirbhaya's mother thanked Indian judiciary for doing justice to Nirbhaya and millions of women across the country.