"Ayodhya is a Unifying Force and a center of assimilation" - RSS Sah Sar Karyawah Dr. Krishna Gopal

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"The Ayodhya movement was not a fight just for a temple but it was a symbol of resistance of the invasion of Bharat that has been going on for 1200 to 1300 years.", said RSS Sah Sar Karyawah Dr. Krishna Gopal at the 6th edition of India Ideas Conclave on February 29th at Kevadia in Gujarat.
Dr. Krishna Gopal was speaking on the theme 'New India: Turning to Roots, Rising to Heights' at the conclave. He said that Bharat fights back and remains alive but will never perish like the ancient civilizations of Greek or Rome. The reason for this is its roots which lies in spirituality, he said.
Speaking on the recent Supreme Court verdict on Ayodhya and its importance in Bharatiya civilization, he said that Ayodhya is symbol of assimilation and an example of Unity of the Bharatiya civilization. There have been numerous examples of this in our past. The five Jain 'Theerthankars' were from Ayodhya. And even Buddhism has its roots in Ayodhya. Two Chinese travelers have written extensively about Ayodhya and its link to Buddhism, he said.
Further explaining the idea of Ayodhya as a centre of assimilation of all faiths, he said that even Sikh Gurus like Guru Nanak Dev and Guru Tegh Bahadur had visited and worshiped in Ayodhya.
"Ram cannot be described by any one definition at all. Everybody has his own definition of Ram, from Tulsi to Kabir everyone had sung and written about Ram.", he said explaining the importance of idea of Ram that has permeated throughout our civilization. Great leaders like Ram Manohar Lohia did not believe in God but even he had said that if one visits any temple in any corner of the country, they can experience entire Bharat, said Dr. Krishna Gopal.