Pope Francis says he has asked God to stop the coronavirus 'with his hand' as he himself suffers from cold!
The Pope visited Churches in defiance of the government order and despite suffering from a cold himself. Italy has reported 27,980 infections and 2,503 deaths due to Coronavirus.
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Pope Francis who is confined to the Vatican due to the outbreak of Coronavirus in Italy, has said that he has asked God to stop the virus 'with his hand'. Speaking to daily Italian publication La Repubblica on Wednesday, he said he had asked God to stop the epidemic in Italy 'with his hand'.  
It was reported that the Pope had defied the country's nationwide lockdown as he visited 2 Churches on Sunday afternoon in Rome. His spoke to the media as he defied the Italian government's advice to stay indoors and on Sunday walked to church through Rome's streets to pray for the end of the virus. The pope himself has been suffering from a cold since last month, say media reports.
A Vatican spokesman said that the walk of the Pope through the streets is like a pilgrimage. Many have condemned the Pope's move to defy the government's order and visit the Churches in a country that has been devastated by the rising number of deaths due to the Coronavirus.
Italy has been affected badly by the Coronavirus and the number of deaths is only next to China. Italy has reported 27,980 infections and 2,503 deaths as of Tuesday.