From Dharavi to chef at a premier cruise liner in UK - Story of Dinesh Kansane, the real Gully Boy nurtured by Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir

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The term Gully Boy became synonymous with someone who has rose from the sidelines of the society to a achieve great success in life. There are many institutions which are recognising such talents in slums and remote areas of the country and nurturing their innate talents and abilities. Vanavasi Kalyan Ashram, Keshav Seva Samiti, Abhyudaya, Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir are some of the institutions that have done exemplary work in nourishing youngsters and put them on the path to glory.
Sri Sri Ravishankar Vidya Mandir (SSRVM) has nurtured many children in many of its centers to chose a path of their liking. SSRVM in Dharavi has went a step ahead and created a star out of a ordinary boy at Dharavi. School has many shining stars who shine even in the toughest of circumstances. Here’s one such story of a 'Gully Boy' who with the support and inspiration of his teachers is now a chef at a premier cruise liner. The story of Dinesh Kansane is sure to inspire many youngsters to achieve their dreams despite the difficulties and struggles in life.
Huge responsibility on young shoulders 

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21 years old, Dinesh Narasimhan Kansane was born and brought up in the slums of Dharavi in Mumbai. His family consisted of 5 members, including his parents and siblings. He was a student of SSRVM which was the first English medium school in Dharavi. His siblings too studied at the same school. He completed his 10th standard from the school and was looking forward to higher studies when tragedy struck his family.
In 2019, he lost his mother and the family was in big trouble. Soon his father too became seriously ill. One day, he fell unconscious and upon inspection it was revealed that he had developed a knee infection. He was admitted to a hospital for the next one and a half months. Dinesh left everything to be with his father and served him day and night. Within a period of few months, all the responsibility of the house fell upon the young shoulders of Dinesh. He did not know what he was doing with his life and it seemed as though his life was full of problems with no solutions in sight.
SSRVM shows him the path 

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Few days later, he received a call from his school SSRVM asking him if he was interested in cooking. He decided to grab the opportunity and appeared for an interview. He was selected and went to Hyderabad where he joined the Culinary Academy of India. Here he did a course of one and a half years in cooking and passed it in good grades.
Upon the completion of the cooking course in Hyderabad, Dinesh returned to Mumbai to pursue and internship with Sahara Star Hotel at Vile Parle near Domestic Airport. He was working in the Lebanese kitchen in the hotel. His diligent work and his hard working attitude was duly recognised.
Talking about the work of Dinesh, Mr. Jihad, a Lebanese chef at the Sahara Star Hotel says he is a very clever chef. Mr. Maqsood, training manager at Sahara Star Hotel says that Dinesh has a great future ahead despite being from a very humble background in Dharavi.
Chef at a UK Cruise Liner 

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After the completion of his internship at the Sahara Star Hotel, Dinesh had a world of opportunities. Given his good work, he was recruited as a Chef in a Cruise Liner in United Kingdom. For Dinesh, this recruitment was like his life coming a full circle - from the narrow alleys of Dharavi to a international Chef on a luxury cruise liner.
Dinesh says that his life is a message. His message to everyone is to be positive always. "Life only gives solutions to all the problems, struggles, ups and downs in life. I am grateful to all those who have helped during my difficult times." Recalling his humble beginnings Dinesh thanks everyone who helped and guided him in his times of need.
For SSRVM, it was another success story of their ward come true. It was proud moment when their alumni Dinesh Kansane was inducted as Chef on a Luxury Cruiser Line in UK. The twinkle they had identified in a young boy in Dharavi had become a shining international star now. Life of Dinesh is to inspire us all and a message not to lose hope and also not to leave any opportunity that comes our way.
(Image credits: Art of Living)