"RSS to train youth who will work on Gram Vikas, Social Harmony and environmental awareness": RSS Sarkaryavah Suresh Bhaiyya Ji Joshi

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Addressing a press conference today at Jan Seva Vidya Kendra in Bengaluru, RSS Sarkaryavah said that in the coming year, the RSS will focus on training the nation's youth who will work on village development, environmental awareness including water conservation and societal harmony.
The press conference was conducted in the presence of Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh Shri Arun Kumar, Akhil Bhartiya Sah Prachar Pramukhs Narendra Thakur and Sunil Ambekar.
Beginning the press conference, Arun Kumar ji said that both Pratinidhi Sabha and Karyakari Mandal were panned. However, ABPS was stopped due to the emerging situation over COVID19. But, Karyakari Mandal was held as people in the Mandal had already arrived. Few decisions were taken in the Karyakari Mandal which will be conveyed in this press conference.
Suresh Bhaiyya Ji Joshi said that this in the first time in the history of RSS that an ABPS was cancelled voluntarily. ABPS was not held only when it was banned by the government. Since 1951 there was no break in annual ABPS. This time it had to be cancelled due to pressing situation.
Today Sangh work is present in 70000 villages, towns, and urban areas. Daily shakhas in 62500 shakhas at 39000 places. 28500 Weekly and monthly Milans are held at 25000 places. Periodic events organised by karyakartas are held at another 10000 places. There has been an increase of 3000 shakhas and increase in other periodic meets by 4000. 15000 Sangh Siksha Vargas have been conducted all over the country. The Vargas have been divided into two groups with age between 15-45 and 45-65.
Karyakari Mandal Resolutions
Suresh Joshi ji next spoke about the resolutions passed by the Mandal. He said that the Supreme courts decision on Ram Janmabhoomi is welcome and we had passed a resolution commending the same and also remembering those who sacrificed their lives for the cause.
Abrogation of Article 370 was the other major decision that was taken by the central government. Article 370 was against the ethos of our constitution which says 'one nation one people' and development of the region was also handicapped. RSS passed a resolution congratulating the government for the same.
The other major decision was the enactment of CAA. Granting citizenship to Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists and other minorities from the 3 neighbouring Islamic countries was much needed. A resolution congratulating the government on CAA was also passed.
Plan for next year
Suresh Bhaiyya ji Joshi said that the RSS has identified nearly 1 lakh youth between 18—25 and 25-35 to be involved in nation-building activities. They will be trained accordingly in different spheres so that they can take up leadership roles.
As per our survey, 15 lakh youth need to be trained in nation-building activities. Not all can be trained in a year but will be trained in phases so that such youth are involved in nation-building activities.
The next task is the Gram Vikas. We will work on 5 dimensions - education, health, agriculture, self-reliance and social harmony.
Q&A Session:
Answering a question on the training of youth, Bhaiyya ji Joshi said that training will be both formal and informal. The trained youth will be used for social change. For example, a team will work on Kutumb Prabhodhan which is to inculcate family values in every family.
Other training will be to educate people on nature conservation like stopping use of plastic, water conservation, pollution, etc. We will also work with other organisations working on this front.
Samajik Samarasata is another area where youth will be involved to bring in social harmony in the society so that everyone lives together without any differences and discarding bad practices.
Answering another question on CAA and politicisation of the act and NRC and NPR, he said, unfortunately, an issue of national interest became political. There is no country which does not have restrictions on citizenship and entry of outsiders. Despite the appeal of PM and HM, some political leaders have politicised and misguided the people. We appeal that they discuss their concerns with the government and come together for the sake of the country.
If not RSS directly involving in the CAA, Swayamsevaks are involved in educating the public about CAA. The central government will also need to clarify and convince the state governments on CAA.

Answering a question on RSS working towards 'Hindu Rastra', he said the RSS will not try to impose anything new on the society. We have only forgotten our civilizational values which the RSS is only trying to educate the society.