Wife threatened by husband to convert to Islam or face death in Kerala - Police register wife's statement but shy away from arresting husband

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Raina, a homemaker in Aluva, near Kochi, has lodged a complaint before the Aluva Police stating that her husband Susheelan, who got converted to Islam in a Gulf country where he was working, has been forcing her and her three small daughters to undergo conversion to Islam.
A police team visited her house and took her statement. In the statement she says, he told her that after the conversion rituals at Ponnani, the haven of conversion to Islam, they would move out to some Muslim majority area. When she refused to comply, he threatened to kill her. She mentioned in her complaint that he tried to break her thaali, the traditional wedlock golden chain. He even brandished a long knife with an aim to threaten her.
Leaders of RSS and RSS-inspired organisations have been protesting vociferously against the forced conversions in the country. But thanks to pseudo-secular forces like Congress, CPM, Urban Maoists and Islamic groups have been dubbing those protests as Hindu fascist and communal outbursts. But, all of them are silent in the case of Raina and her children.
RSS, SNDP and other Hindus orgs to support Raina
Leaders of RSS, RSS-inspired organisations, Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam, (SNDP Yogam), the community organization of Hindu Ezhavas, launched by legendary Hindu monk Sree Narayana Gurudev, visited Raina’s home and offered their support in her fight to live a Hindu life. SNDP too has conveyed the support of their chief Vellappalli Nateshan to Raina. Yogam has promised to do the needful for the livelihood of Raina and children as her husband Susheelan is the only bread winner of the family.
R.V. Babu, General Secretary of RSS-inspired Hindu Aikya Vedi, protested that police still has not arrested Susheelan despite Raina’s complaint and even after she gave her statement to the police team. He said, his organization will take all possible steps, legally and organizationally, to ensure justice to Raina and children.
Swami Shivaswroopanandaji, head of the Advaidashramam, founded by Swami Sree Narayaa Gurudev, visited Raina’s home and said that those who attempt to convert by force are aiming to breach the peaceful atmosphere in the country. Genuine secularists should be vigilant in this regard. Every citizen has the right to follow the religion of his or her choice. He declared the support of Advaidashramam to Raina and children in their stand against conversion.
Surprisingly Imam Faisal Ashari of Juma Masjid, Ernakulam, also visited her home and told that Islam does not permit forceful conversion. Religion is one’s personal right. Susheelan wields force to convert his wife and children, because, he has not studied Islam properly. If some one goes against Islam to support Susheelan he would do his best to dissuade them, said the Imam.
It has been reported that even Susheelan’s brothers and other family members are against his conversion attempts.