RSS suspends ABPS amidst Corona outbreak - What is ABPS? What it takes to organise the crucial annual meet of RSS?
The RSS has always put the interests of the society and nation above its own commitments. ABPS which was planned for months involving hundreds of Swayamsevaks and efforts of thousands of mandays was cancelled by the RSS in the interest of the participants, society and to honor the directives of the government.
The Akhil Bhartiya Pratinidhi Sabha (ABPS) of RSS which was to begin from 15th March stands suspended in view of the growing threat of COVID19. RSS Sarkaryavaha Suresh Bhaiyyaji Joshi in a statement said that in view of the seriousness of the pandemic COVID19 and in light of the instructions and advisories issued by the Union and State governments, the ABPS has been suspended. He also appealed all Swayamsevaks to join the efforts to create awareness among the public and to face the challenge successfully.
The cancellation of the ABPS again demonstrates that the RSS always puts interests of society above its own commitments. ABPS is a annual meet where more than 1400 delegates from all prants (Regions as per RSS) of the country assemble at a designated venue to discuss and deliberate on the work that has happened and the plan for the coming year. Hosting a gathering of 1400+ delegates is no mean task. The responsibility of organising a flawless meet is on the local RSS units and Swayamsevaks hosting the ABPS along with consultation with the Central team.
Arrangements made at the Venue
- Accommodation for nearly 2000 people, including 1400+ delegates, volunteers, media personnel, security staff and others
- Kitchen to serve food thrice a day - Breakfast, lunch and dinner.
- Coffee, tea is served for the delegates from the morning till evening at different intervals
- Arrangements for the meet including stationary, seating arrangements, dais, audio and microphone systems, etc
- Arranging for an exhibition at the venue on various Sangh projects and other specific topics
- Arrangements for daily Shaka at the venue for all the delegates
- Arrangements for stalls displaying books, magazines, clothing and other materials
- A media corner for media personnel and press conferences
- 500+ volunteers working round the clock to see that all the above is executed to perfection
What was at stake?  
RSS is not influenced by any ulterior motives, threats, or dictates. There is neither arrogance nor a sense of self-pride for having forsaken a large annual meet for the sake of the society. It was its duty and it has done just that.

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Hundreds had already arrived at the venue and many more were on their way. Hundreds were to start tonight and reach the venue on the day of the start of ABPS. Many had already left their cities of origin, were visiting places of tourist interests and were about to reach Bengaluru. Many had come along with their families and had planned to tour the state after the conclusion of the ABPS.
The thousands of tickets that were booked for various modes of travel i.e, train, air, bus, and much in advance now had to be canceled and re-scheduled. We very well know the difficulties in getting a ticket again for any of these modes of travel if it has to be re-scheduled. 90% of the delegates who attend the ABPS are those who travel in 2nd class. All the delegates had to forgo their cancellation fees and also pay up more to get new tickets at within a short duration.
Despite the ABPS being canceled, arrangements for accommodation, food and other facilities for those who have already arrived and those who would arrive in a day have to be made.
Efforts in organising ABPS
More than 500 Swayamsevaks are involved as Prabandhaks or organisers in organising the 3 day ABPS. Arrangements have to be made for the accommodation, food and other facilities for nearly 2000 people who would be at the venue including the delegates, volunteers, media personnel, security staff and many others.
There is a separate team that works behind the scenes to arrange these facilities for everyone at the venue. Alternate arrangements are also made to mitigate emergency situations, other contingencies and emerging scenarios. Swayamsevaks from Shakhas work day and night to organise the ABPS without any commotion or clamor.
The effort to organise a meet of this scale and to call it off is the sole decision of the RSS, purely driven by the interest of the society at large. It is not influenced by any ulterior motives, threats, or dictates from other quarters. There is neither arrogance nor a sense of self-pride for having forsaken a large annual meet for the sake of the society. It was the duty of the RSS which had to be executed and it has done just that.