NCP nominates Fouzia Khan who had alleged links with 26/11 terrorist Abu Hamza as Rajya Sabha candidate

Abu Hamza Fouzia Khan_1&n
26/11 terrorist Abu Hamza had stayed at MLA hostel in Mumbai in 2006 in a room in the name of NCP leader Fouzia Khan
Abu Hamza alias Abu Jundal, a terrorist involved in the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and was trained in Pakistan, had stayed at a room in MLA Hostel in Mumbai. The room was that of Nationalist Congress leader and a candidate for Rajya Sabha Fouzia Khan. Fouzia Khan is set to file for the RS nomination tomorrow.
In 2012, it was revealed by investigating agencies that Abu Hamza had stayed in the MLAs hostel in Mumbai in 2006 in the room that belonged to Fouzia Khan. The NCP leader had defended his stay saying that there was no case against the terrorist in 2006! She had failed to answer as to how and why would she allow anyone to stay in the room in her name without verifying his/her antecedents.
The MLA hostel is a secure place and hence it is a laid down procedure for anyone to know the complete credentials of the person who is allowed to stay here. It is surprising that a terrorist who was trained in Pakistan and had dubious antecedents was allowed to stay in the hostel by Fouzia Khan.
Political observers in Maharashtra have questioned the intent of the NCP in going ahead with the nomination of a person with terror links. Should the Indian parliament have such elements as law makers, they ask.