CPDS organises talk on ‘Modiplomacy’ in Chennai

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Center for Policy and Development Studies (CPDS) organised a talk on “Modiplomacy: Through a Shakespearean Prism”, a book written by former Ambassador of India TP Sreenivasan IFS on the foreign policy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The talk was held on March 8 at Chennai.
The talk was centred around the victories of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his foreign policy. In the book, the author critically observes Modi's high and low during his first tenure.
Speaking at the event, TP Sreenivasan revealed as to how Narendra Modi as general secretary of the BJP had come to the United States on behalf of Prime Minister AB Vajpayee after the second Pokhran blasts. The former Ambassador who had served in several Indian missions was also the Deputy Chief of the Indian Embassy in the United States. With the then Indian Ambassador to the United States Naresh Chandra on leave, TP Sreenivasan played a pivotal role in hosting Narendra Modi and felicitating his meetings with the US Congressmen and other officials.
Sreenivasan also mentioned as to how Modi wanted the Indian mission to arrange meetings with top World Bank and IMF officials to prevent any sanctions against India.
The event was conducted in association with Shankar IAS academy.