Left bashing of Holi needs to be called out for its Hinduphobia and divisiveness
The falsification of history, the untrue story of suppression of the Vanvasis by the Brahmins or Kshatriyas, all have their roots in the agenda driven Leftist history. Bashing of Holi using tribals is yet another ploy of the Left to divide Hindus.
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One of the most obnoxious tales spread by the Leftists and Naxals is the story of subjugation of the Vanvasis (forest dwellers) or the Adivasis or the Mool-nivasis, by the ‘Patriarchal Brahmins’. It makes for compelling reading – their women were not allowed to wear upper garments, no one was allowed to study the Vedas, they were ruthlessly killed, their Gods and Goddesses were usurped by the Hindu fanatics and were merged into Hinduism without their approval, their powerful menfolk were killed by kings and prostitutes even and then such kings and prostitutes were given the title of “God” or “Goddess” … and so on. Despite such tortures, if the Adivasis or Vanvasis or Scheduled Tribe people still stayed Hindu, it was only because of “Reservations”, it was said. This was the narrative fed to the youth of this country and to the foreigners too. This was done to show that Hinduism was alien to Bharat and that it was ‘pagan’ culture of the Mool-nivasis or aborigines of this land which was swallowed by Hindu Dharma. This was also used as the argument for showing the Aryan Invasion Theory and the Aryan-Dravidian divide, not to mention the Upper-caste, Lower-caste divide. Such arguments are repeated for almost all our festivals like Dussera, Deepavali, Ram Navami, the latest being HOLI.
If I were to state outright that all of the above points put forward by Leftists were falsehoods or nonsense, it would be said that I am a Patriarchal Hindu. In the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXNK3JUvC_0 on “5 things you did not know about the Saree”, the narrator’s models have worn the Sari in many ways, of which most of them are without a blouse or a petticoat. If this was the way we used to wear the Sari, then it would mean that women in many places did not wear an upper garment as a style of dressing. It did not mean that they had to show off their breasts – this falsehood was promoted just to show the Brahmins in bad light. They probably forgot that it could just not be possible that women would show off their breasts only to Brahmins!
We are perpetually inundated with information that Rakshasas were mool-nivasis and that they were killed by the Aryan (?) Gods. It must be remembered that Rakshasas were not necessarily the same as Asuras. In fact the Puranas mention that the Rakshasas and Asuras were not humans at all. This means that there must have been one species which called itself the Rakshasas and another which called itself the Asuras. Now, there’s no scripture anywhere which says that the Asuras and Rakshasas only lived in the forests. They also lived in the Nagars (cities) when they won it over. For example, Kamsa was a Rakshasa and a King who ruled over city folks. Jarasandha, another King in the Mahabharata was a Asura. Now here’s the thing – Rakshasas were many a times, cannibals. But to say that our Vanvasis or tribals are or were cannibals is stretching a fact so much that it becomes silly. If tribals were the same as Rakshasas, why was Shabari (who fed the jamuns to Sri Rama) not called a Rakshasi? Why was Guha (who ferried Sri Rama across the river) not called a Rakshasa? When it suits the Leftists, Tribals become Rakshasa, when it doesn’t suit them, they become Aryans or ‘cultured’ people? 

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Prahlada was from a Asura Kula (clan) and so was Raja Bali, but they ruled over vast territory and they were visited and respected by Gods and Sages alike. Were they not cultured people and called Arya? Of course they were! By no stretch of imagination would one say that they were Tribals just because they were Asuras or vice-versa. But the present agenda of the Leftists lays claim to a very amusing twist in the tale – Prahlad’s father’s sister is called a Tribal and Holi is shown as a festival which trampled upon the rights of the Mool-niwasis. They conveniently hide the fact that Prahlad’s father was Hiranyakashipu, an Asura, who was killed by Narsimha, when He took that ferocious form to protect Prahlad from his father. If God decided to protect an Asura Prahlad, could it be called trampling of rights of another Asura who tried to kill him? If this were true, all those sentenced to the gallows till today could claim victimisation and the actual victim or the Judge would become the perpetrator of a crime. Is this why the killers of Nirbhaya have petitioned to be let off with the most ridiculous claim of “Brahm-Hatya” helped by the very Leftist lawyers?
Mahishasura was another Asura who harassed so many others that he was hated thoroughly by all. He lusted for the Divine Mother who put forward the condition that only if he defeated Her in war, would She become his. If one were to go by the rules of war of that era, men never fought a war directly with women. But the Asuras were those who never went by rules. They did not mind fighting against women, animals, unarmed people, pious people, they fought after sunset, they uprooted trees and laid waste the surroundings, they also used illusions to win – the list of their wrongdoings is unlimited. But look at our Tribal folks – they love animals, they never fight with women (though their women fought alongside to protect their territory and land), they never fought with unarmed people. They follow their own rules and these rules never caused any harm to Nature, land, animals or trees. If anything, they fight to protect all of these. How then can they ever be called Asuras or Rakshasas? There could be nothing further than the truth! 

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The Scheduled Caste and Scheduled Tribe people of today are those people who were given the permission to live life according to their own rules, in the days of yore. They did not have to follow all the rules that the King enforced in his kingdom on his subjects. They did not have to follow the same festivals or visit ‘theerth-sthals’ (pilgrimages) or even perform Pujas or rituals like the common citizens of the land. They would have their own Gods and their own rituals, which were not enforced on the other citizens. Even today we have the tribal folks praying to their own Gods, who could be found in the form of a tree or a mound or a stone and the surrounding city or village folks too pay their respects to these Gods on certain specified days. For example, in some villages in Karnataka we have the Jataga Raya who is in the form of a tree or a stone pillar. Once in a year all the people in the village go there to pray and give their offerings. On other days, they would go to any of the other temples, but the tribal folks in the villages go only to the Jatagas to offer their daily prayers and give their offerings. Sometimes these Jatagas could be considered the form of Shiva and sometimes as Devi. It is the tribals whose decision is supreme, when it comes to these matters. And the tribals too never questioned the authority of the other villagers when it came to the other temples in the village. Close to my village there is a Devi temple where they have a ritual called the “Kende Haayudu” which means running or jumping over burning coals. Only the Scheduled caste people of that area are allowed to do it, even the temple and its rituals are managed by them. Dare any Brahmin say that he should be allowed to do so because he’s of some imaginary higher caste!
If anyone were to read the story of Rana Pratap and how the Bhils helped him during his days of hardship, one would understand how strong the ties of the rulers of the land and the tribals were. There was no difference of opinion when it came to protecting their region or their country. If they were an oppressed lot, would the tribals have come out against the British Rule or even against the Islamic invaders in the past? The falsification of history, the untrue story of suppression of the tribals or the Vanvasis by the Brahmins or Kshatriyas, all have their roots in the agenda driven Leftist history. Even the labelling of the castes as “upper” and “lower” has been done by the same people. This has to be challenged openly and strongly. Today this vicious group is being taken over by the radical Islamists and they are spreading more untruths to break the Hindu society. We stayed within our communities without putting down the other communities, because our society was built towards protecting our inherent talents which were part of our memory. These memories are what has sustained our culture till today and prevented the Abrahamic religions from devouring Sanatan Dharma. We cannot let them wipe us out with their “divide & rule” techniques.