Islamic organisation which killed Kamlesh Tiwari threatens to attack Delhi and TN police over arrest of IS terrorists
‘Al-Hind Brigade’ in a Telegram post has threatened to strike at the Delhi police and Q branch of TN Police. ‘Al-Hind Brigade’ was behind the murder of Kamlesh Tiwari.
 - TS Venkatesan
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A post on the Telegram app in the name of ‘Al Hind Brigade’ has threatened the Tamil Nadu police about an imminent strike to avenge the arrests of IS terrorists. The post has an image of a letter written in Tamil surrounded sophisticated by guns and grenades. It reads “To the dogs of Delhi special cell and Q branch, we are watching you and shall respond soon. Keep watching.”
The Al Hind Brigade issued the threat message first on Telegram and later posted the same in Tamil on their Twitter page.
Upon receiving this message, the police shared this with the Centre and NIA to probe at their end. Sources in TN police admitted the receipt of message and said special teams have been formed to trace the source of message and the people behind it. The intention seems to be to scuttle the probe into the shooting of a Sub Inspector of police in KanyaKumari check post bordering Kerala.
Since the message was in Tamil, it leads to a possibility of Tamil knowing hand/s behind the treat. It said the group may not be from Tamil Nadu but it can be from anywhere around the globe. But one thing is definite, the group has a strong belief in the IS ideology,”. The TN police has so far arrested 17 persons during the crackdown on the module. 
The hacking and shooting of a Sub Inspector of police in KanyaKumari check post bordering Kerala, has revealed the magnitude of the terrorists operating not only in Tamil Nadu but in other parts of the country. Their nexus, training, arms supply, getting financial and other support started coming one after another.
Hardly a week before the Kanyakumari SI killing, the Delhi police busted sleeper cell by arresting TN IS module head Khaja Moideen along with his associates in Delhi on 9th January. A day before this, on 8th January the Tamil Nadu police Q branch had arrested three people as part of the Bengaluru IS module. After getting clear leads and the police are trying to reach bottom of the issue. This threat from the terrorists is designed to stop the investigation, say security experts. They believe that the continuous crackdown against IS modules in south India seems to have annoyed many groups and their anger, frustrations that are being manifested through some posts. 

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AL-Hind had claimed to be behind the murder of Hindu leader Kamlesh Tiwari 
‘Al Hind Brigade’ is a frontal organisation for IS whose name first emerged when it claimed responsibility for killing Kamalesh Tiwari in Oct 2019. Intelligence sources think that the Al Hind Brigade was also involved in facilitating travel for many IS sympathizers from across the globe to Syria to fight a ‘holy war’ to create the Islamic Caliphate since the year 2014-15.
BJP National Secretary H Raja has said “We should understand the seriousness of the threat message. CAA protest is only a cover but anti-national activities have increased many fold in its name. We would expose the DMK, Congress and its allies for their role in supporting these secessionist forces.”