Mamata government remains a mute spectator as tribal mass marriage is attacked in Malda - VHP demands strict action against attackers

05 Feb 2020 19:26:07
VHP had organised a mass wedding ceremony for poor Tribal couples at a Malda village on 2nd Feb. However anti-Hindu forces disrupted the event as police remained silent spectators.
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The Vishva Hindu Parishad has demanded that action be taken against the attackers & its conspirators who disrupted the mass marriage ceremony of 133 Tribal couples in a village near Malda district of West Bengal on February 2nd. Forces inimical to the integration of the Tribal people into the mainstream and anti-Hindu forces are behind the attack, alleges VHP.
Addressing a press conference, Shri Achchutanand of VHP Bengal said that the organisation is running thousands of Sewa Karyas (service projects) in the field of health, education, women empowerment, skill & village development for the welfare of our tribal brethren. VHP always remains at forefront to protect the tribal culture & traditions which is persistently being attacked by the Christian missionaries and communists, alleged Achchutanand.
VHP further says that the life struggle & sacrifice of Bhagwan Shri Birsa Munda ji is the burning example of the tribal society’s fight against the missionaries.
As part of VHP's regular service projects in SC/ST & tribal belts, the mass wedding ceremony for poor couples was organised by the organisation with purely tribal social rituals in a Pandal clearly reflecting the great tribal culture & traditions.

WB Mass Marriage Attacked 
Tribal marriage arranged by VHP was attacked and disrupted in Malda on February 2nd 
Despite having the due permission from the authorities and 100+ policeman being present at the venue, the ceremony was attacked by the henchmen of Jharkhand Dishom party with bows, arrows and sharp weapons injuring the participants and destroying valuables belonging to the poor couples, informed the VHP. The Mamata government's police stood as mute spectators which has raised several questions, says the VHP press release.
The VHP press release alleges that it seems the attack happened due to the complicity & anti-Hindu attitude of the ruling political party in West Bengal. The role of Christian Missionaries & communists in this act of vandalism and provocation also needs to be investigated says VHP. An FIR has been lodged by the VHP which has demanded immediate arrests of the culprits failing which it will be forced to carry out a State wide protest to expose them & save our tribal brethren warns the VHP.
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