"Parameshwaran Ji's entire life was dedicated to Sangh and nation" - BJP National General Secretary Shri Ram Madhav

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BJP National General Secretary Shri. Ram Madhav speaks on Shri. P Parameshwaran Ji
A shraddanjali sabha was organised in remembrance of Shri P Parameshwaran, Senior RSS Pracharak and Director of Bharathiya Vichara Kendram who passed away last week. The event conducted on 23rd February was graced by National General Secretary of BJP Shri. Ram Madhav, Shri. Ka Ba Surendran Sah Sampark Pramukh of Kerala Prant and Shri Devanand Gaddam Sah Sampark Pramukh of Karnataka Dakshin Prant. The Sharaddanjali sabha was organised at the Indiranagar Sangeeta Sabha in Bengaluru.
Speaking on the occasion Ram Madhav said that Parameshwaran Ji's life was fully devoted to the nation. "Lord Krishna says in Srimad Bhagavat Gita, that everyone who is born will have to die one day, which is inevitable. Still, when some people leave us, the impact and shock it creates is very high. Some lives cannot be replaced by anyone else in the world. Parameshwaran Ji was such a person.
"Parameshwaran Ji dedicated his whole life to the people. It was not partial, his entire life was devoted to Sangh by all means. Having lived for the Sangh as a swayamsevak among us, 70 years out of his long and eventful 93 years was dedicated to the Sangh. Parameshwaran Ji was the best person to speak about the greatness of Sangh and in his own experience", said Ram Madhav recalling the greatness of Prameshwaran Ji.
"Only his body has parted from us, but his ideas and thoughts will continue to thrive in Sangh. Each and every swayamsevak will be guided by his life and thoughts in the path forward.", said Ram Madhav. 
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Shri. Ka Ba Surendran Sah Sampark Pramukh of Kerala Prant recalled the importance of Parameshwaran Ji in Kerala during tough times.
Shri. Ka Ba Surendran recalled the time during which Parameshwaran ji came back to Kerala and the importance of the same. It was a time when the Communists were growing both in strength and politically. It was during the touch times that Parameshwaran ji led and guided the Sangh in Kerala. His contribution is unparalleled and he lives in the hearts and minds of every swayamsevak.
Surendran ji recalled several instances from the life of Parameshwaran ji which showed his presence of mind and ability to take quick decisions. He narrated how Parameshwaran ji used to remember everyone despite meeting them after many years. Such was his memory. He had great relationship with people from all walks of life including leaders from various political parties and ideologies. He said how Parameshwaran ji had good contacts with EMS Namboodiripad and Congress leaders too. His thoughts, writings and work was recognized and applauded by even his ideological opponents. It is rare to see such people in real life, recounted Surendra Ji. 
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The Shraddanjali Sabha for Shri. P Parameshwaran Ji was graced by Shri. Ram Madhav, Shri. Ka Ba Surendran and Shri Devanand Gaddam