Pakistan fails FATF test again - To remain in 'Grey List' for failing to check terror funding

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Cosmetic and half-hearted efforts by Pakistan to stop Islamic terrorism and terror financing emanating from its soil has been exposed yet again. The global watch dog to monitor money laundering, FATF, has seen through the Islamic country's agenda to export terror and has said that it will continue to have Pakistan in the 'Grey List' as it failed to complete its action plan in line with agreed timeline.
FATF also castigated Pakistan for its failure to check terror funding within the agreed deadline. In a statement released today, FATF said "All deadlines given to Pakistan to check terror funding ended; it failed to complete its action plan in line with agreed timeline. Pakistan failed to check terror funding risks emanating from its jurisdiction".
The task force also threatened Pakistan that if it does not complete the agreed action plan by June 2020, it will be forced to call on its members and FIs to consider their business relations with Pakistan. 

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"FATF strongly urges Pakistan to complete its full action plan by June 2020. Otherwise, FATF will take action, which could include the FATF calling on its members and urging all jurisdiction to advise their FIs to give special attention to business relations with Pakistan", says the FATF statement.
Pakistan is a bid to hoodwink FATF had declared that it has arrested global terrorist Hafiz Saeed last week without working on curbing terror financing on its soil. FATF and its members saw through the game plan and has rightly continued Pakistan in the 'Grey List'.