Sindh Belongs to Us
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Shri Mohan Bhagwat speaking at the book release function 
Mumbai: “Though Sindh became a part of Pakistan after Partition, but the feeling that Sindh belongs to us should continue to find a place not only in the hearts of Sindhis but in every Bharatiya. This should also reach the coming generations. We can achieve the pristine glory of Bharat if we work collectively. Israel has shown it in practice. One day, the Sindhi Hindus would surely have a place in Sindh,” said RSS Sarsanghachalak Shri Mohan Bhagwat while releasing a book ‘Rashtrayah Namah’ on February 11. The book has been written by Rohit Puri. The function, organised by Rajpal Puri Foundation and Bharatiya Sindhu Samaj, was presided over by former Governor of Uttar Pradesh Shri Ram Naik.
Shri Bhagwat said the present generation is enjoying good days because of the hard work of our ancestors. Hence, we should not forget the contribution of our ancestors. The book, ‘Rashtriya Namah’ is basically a work in that direction. The book acquaints us with the work done by Rajpalji during Partition.
Citing the example of Israel Shri Bhagwat said the people of the Israelis got back their land due to commitment towards their motherland. The desire to return to their country continued to burn in their heart for 1800 years and they achieved it. Hence, we should have the desire to get back what we have lost.
Shri Ram Naik recalled the contribution of four Sindhis—Shri Hashu Advani, Shri Jhatmal Vadhvani, Shri Rajpal Puri and Shri Lal Krishna Advani, in his life. He stressed the need to translate the book in other Indian languages. Shri Rohit Puri pointed out that Shri Rajpal Puri played a key role in motivating various people to become Sangh Pracharaks. n