Hate speech is not free speech: Britain jails 'toxic' Islamist terror website editors

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“Two web editors who ran a website glorifying Islamist terror groups and encouraging attacks have been jailed in the United Kingdom,” reported BBC.
Muhammad Abdur Kamali (31) and Mohammed Abdul Ahad (38) were arrested from north London for encouraging people to join Islamic State in Syria. They are also accused of promoting "toxic ideologies" including speeches by hate preacher Sheikh Abdullah el-Faisal.
As per the reports, their website featured material from Al-Qaeda and the Islamic State.
“The two men first came to police attention in 2016 during an investigation into a 20-year-old woman and her links to terrorism-related documents on the website and on a linked Facebook page. Counter-terrorism officers arrested Kamali and Ahad in march 2017 after it emerged they had edited and published several of the articles,” reported BCC.
The culprits received sentences of four-and-a-half years.