Pro-Uighur body to organise protest against China on International Day of Human Rights

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East Turkestan National Awakening Movement, a pro-Uighur body, will hold protests in various countries on the International Day of Human Rights on December 10 to bring the world’s attention towards China’s violation of its citizen’s human rights. Major cities like New York, Geneva, Washington and Toronto are some of the venues for protests. The protest is against the aggressive policies adopted by the Chinese Communist Party.
"Join us on December 10th -International Human Rights Day to protest against China and its CCP's aggression and atrocities in East Turkistan, Hong Kong, South Mongolia, and Tibet. Demonstrations will be held in Edmonton, Geneva, The Hague, NYC, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Toronto," said East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, which is a Washington-based organisation. Multiple international organisations have raised a red flag over China’s expanding network of ‘re-education camps for Uighur Muslims’.
There are reports of Uighur Muslims being tortured by the Chinese administration in Xinjiang province. About a million of them are put behind the bars which CCP claims as re-education camps. These people are denied religious freedom and Xinjiang is heavily monitored by the Chinese security agencies.
The Chinese administration had been following the same method in its other provinces like Tibet and Hong Kong. Draconian ‘Public Safety Law’ was implemented, which enabled the Mainland China to curtail the freedom enjoyed by Hong Kong. Following the protests for repealing this law, thousands of people were arrested and tortured by the Chinese administration. The Chinese state is also accused of taking ‘organs’ from dissidents to sell at the international market.