Hindu outreach program in Tamil Nadu concludes tomorrow; Dheiveega Tamizhaga Sangam reaches out to 1.5 crore Hindu families

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‘Give ten minutes’ is the name of mass contact program going on in Tamil Nadu to counter the Hindu phobic and anti- God campaigns by Dravidar kazhagam, Karuppar Kootam ,VCK and others. ‘Dheiveega Tamizhaga Sangam’ was launched as an outreach program with a motto ‘Save Nationalism, Save Tamil Nadu’.
BJP, RSS, Hindu Munnani and other sangh-affiliated organisations are undertaking this massive mass contact program. This 15 days program will come to an end on 6th December. Dakshin Tamil Nadu RSS president Marimuthu in a function at Pollachi said “spare ten minutes to save nationalism and Tamil Nadu. It is a movement to reach 1.5 crore Hindu families personally to highlight the necessity to save our Hindu traditions and to create mass awareness on what is happening to Hindus in Tamil Nadu. He said that certain elements have conspired to destroy the spiritual and religious belief of Hindus. During the 40 year old DMK and AIADMK rule, people have the temerity to criticism Hindus and their gods. Many temples do not have income to do one time pooja a day. No fund is given by the government to light lamps in temples but crores of temple revenue has been diverted to other purposes. Temple lands worth crores are yet to be retrieved from encroachers. If anyone raises voices against such things, the powerful mafia threatens them with dire consequences and stifles their voices.
Hindu virtues are sidelined for vote bank politics. To create unity and awareness among Hindus, Trichy based Dhieveega Tamizhaga Sangam has been meeting people at their doorsteps with a 16 page booklet. We have planned to meet personally 1.5 crore Hindu families and sensitize them about the dangers lurking ahead to destroy our religion. We will distribute this booklet till December 5. It is our endeavor to neutral Hindus”.
In the first page,” certain questions are asked like “Why Tamil Nadu is like this today? Tamil Nadu, which was once a fertile land filled with Nationalism, Spirituality, arts and cultural values is now in the midst of corruption all around. There are unnecessary protests against industries and various development oriented projects. We often come across news about conversion, terrorism, drug addiction etc. This needs to change. Let us bring about a change for the State to prosper”.
In another page, “Vivekananda Rock memorial in Kanyakumari was built through lakhs people donating Rs.1 each. Jalakandeswarar temple in Vellore, which was without idol for over 400 years, was reinstalled after Hindu unity. Hindu Unity is the only solution against Terrorism, anti-national activities and conversion. You must be aware of many Hindu organizations that work hard, following the path of Swami Vivekananda. You can make a difference in the society by joining in them”.
The book warns about the decreasing Hindu population. In 1951, Hindus were at 84.1 percent, Muslims 9.8 percent and Christians were at 2.3 percent. But in 2011, Hindus were at 79.9 percent Muslims 14.2 percent and Christians 6.6 percent (in Tamil Nadu). The number of Hindus in police and army is declining. This raises a serious question mark over national security. Our business and trade are coming down. We lose our representational strength when representatives are chosen from Panchayat to Parliament based on the proportion of population”.
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“Do we know that we are being fooled in the name of vote bank politics? Are we aware about the dangers of conversion war waged on us? Have we ever wondered why Hindus are targets of terrorism? What has the self-proclaiming ‘saviours of Tamil’ done for the development of Tamil How much monetary benefit have they gained? Do we know the background of those who raised slogans against our nation and its integrity? Have we noticed that TV programs are slowly destroying our culure and family system? Are we concerned about commercialisation of our temples?” the booklet asks.
The books says “majority of the media are not neutral and they give importance to anti-Hindu agenda. TV serials show women as villains. It destroys family values, discipline, culture and national spirit. In the name of debate, they force-feed falsehood and distract people from knowing the truth. They get funds from big corporates and anti-national organisations to spread hatred. It justifies suicide, by shaking the confidence of individuals. It creates anxiety among people through ‘Breaking News’.
The booklet asks reader to resolve that
• To visit our Kula Daiva (family deity) temple at least once a year with family
• To teach our children about our culture, tradition and glorious Hindu dharma
• To stop conversion among our relatives and in our neighborhood
• To buy only Swedeshi products and also encourage others to do the same
• To voice against separatism and terrorism
• To celebrate birthdays of spiritual gurus and national leaders
• To organize Bhajans, Poojas in our areas with active participation of all in our neighborhood
• To raise voice whenever anything happens against the interest of Hindus
• To teach a lesson to politicians in the way they understand and vote only to those stand to protect Hindus.
The book let talks about a lot important things. Senior Swayamsevak M N Swamy spoke to the writer, “In these awareness campaign, Swayam Sevaks, BJP and Sangh-affiliated organisation members took part actively. On seeing us people welcome us inside their houses. They listen to what we say and then give their comments. Most of them want a change and free the state from the clutches of Dravidian corrupt, Hindu phobic and minority appeasement parties. We see a tremendous change in the mindset of the people. They need someone to bear a torch for them. They will definitely teach a lesson to this Dravidian, left, VCK and fundamentalist outfits. Hyderabad corporation victory will continue in TN too, we are confident”.