A Vatican-like kingdom in the offing in Tamil Nadu? Jesus gives 108-acre mountain for free to Christian pastor!

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Jesus has given 108 Acre Mountain for free to ‘Jesus Redeems’ preacher Mohan C Lazarus to carry on his missionary and conversion activities. It is hard to believe for many but it is a fact. Wonders can happen in Tamil Nadu, but only for minorities.
In a recent Tamil film, there were scenes showing Hindu Sadhus of grabbing lands and cheating people through sweet talks. This movie portrayed Hindu gods and mutt heads in poor light. But the director removed scenes of Christian preachers cheating people by promising to cure their diseases with just a ‘CD’ after missionaries protested. He called Hindu Samiyars (Sadhus) as corporate entities and accused them of land grab activities. He did not talk about DG S Dhinakaran who had encroached several acres of land in Velliangiri mountain range near Coimbatore. A poor from Tirunelveli district, Dhinkaran’s family is now a multi-billionaire owning islands, luxury ships, colleges, schools, university besides engaging in spreading Christianity and conversion. The filmmaker targeted Isha foundation Jaggi, VellimalaiHindu Ashram near Nagercoil. The film, directed by Radio jockey RJ Balaji, depicted Hindu sect as land grabbing ones.
Startling information came to light about the Jesus Redeems was that they had acquired 108 acres of land in a mountain free of cost from a devotee to set up their evangelical mission. He is trying to build a modern city with all amenities. This 108 acres mountain is situated in Thoranamalai near Kadayam in Tenkasi district. According to Jesus Redeems web site “The lord spoke to brother Mohan C Lazarus while he was praying, “ I would give you a mountainous area”. Exactly did He give one at KeezhaMaathapuram in Kadayam area, approximately 10 km from Courtallam through a brother who had purchased it and donated for the Jesus Redeems at free of cost”.
It further said, “ God would give him a mountainous region and the mountain is to be formed into a Prayer Mountain. As per the promise, in the year 2002, God gave us a 100 acres of the mountainous region. God expects us to have a prayers in the prayer mountain 24 hours a day for the salvation of our nation and for the revival of our world. We are building a prayer tower to have 24 hours a day, prayers are held in the Intercessory prayer tower and Miracle Healing tower thousands of people come to the prayer Garden of Tamil Nadu and the world to to pray for the revival in our nation”. The web site says” Gethesmane prayer garden is being established for the people to have a close and intimate relationship with God. ‘Esther Mansion’ and ‘Mordecail Mansion’ are built to accommodate the people who come for prayer. Prayer Chariot enables us to bring the people for prayer. We have standing in the Gap Fasting Prayers in the last Thursdays of every month. Apart from Sundays a group of prayer warriors gather together from 10.00 am-04-00 pm to watch and pray for our nation.”

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It added, “ in this God given place, prayer walk garden, prayer tower, prayer village, prayer palace ( with a seating capacity of 3,000) , prayer cave is likely to be built. The prayer mountain area is exclusively ordained for praying for the Nation. Children of God gather here and pray for the Nation day and night”. According to it, construction works for India Prayer Walk Garden is going on. 70 prayer centres, 28 state of India, 9 union territories, 32 districts of Tamil nadu and 5 continents of the world are to be set up”. Presently it has 2 prayer towers, Gethsemane prayer centre (morning 6 to evening 6) are functioning. Work for Prayer tower, Prayer village, 70 huts , 70 small prayer cells , prayer Palace ( for ThirappinVaasal Fasting prayer camp purpose) are yet to begin. People who attend the camps can stay at Mordecail, Esther mansions”.
The mountain is full of rare medicinal herbs and a Murugan temple is famous in the mountain where sage Agathisyar taught his disciple Thoraiyar, the Siddha medicine practices. They are building empire in same mountain. They have changed the name of mountain to Prayer Mountain and village name as MadhapuramThoranamalai. This is tpconfuse Hindus. It is unbelievable that a devotee has given this free of cost to this missionary, more than 100 acres worth several crores! He did not reveal the name of the faithful. It is suspected to be a benami dealing. Where did he get such vast money to buy a mountain. Are there any irregularities in funds receive from foreign? People, who are living in the area, have been converted to Christianity. This Jesuit missionary “Jesus Redeems” is getting funds from foreign nations with FCRA apoproval.
According to # Lazarus there is an increase in prostitution wherever Vigrahaas (idols) are being worshipped and also it’s the reason for Tsunami deaths at Velankanni, hope he come up with a reason for the Sathiyam TV case- VishwatmaApril, 2020. He is known for his hate speeches against Hindus and their gods. Mohan was born as a Hindu as Murugan, laterconverted to Christianity, is now a multi-millionaire. He called Hindus temples as “Satan’s strongholds”. He said “Tamil Nadu is full of temples which are the dwelling place of Satan. We have to change them”. In a video that has gone viral, Lazarus is seeing saying that Tamil Nadu is a stronghold of demons (satan) as no other state in Bharat. During a Prayer he said “Only in Tamil Nadu you can see big temples which are Satan’s strongholds. There are no place like Tamil Nadu, where there are temples, its towers and places. Why has Satan targeted Tamil Nadu and made it his stronghold?”
A Case has been registered against him without any action. Bishop Godfrey Noble, his wife’s sister’s husband (co brother) accused Mohan Lazarus of indulging in financial irregularities, having illicit relation with his wife and killed a women assistant after assaulting her sexually. Mohan C Lazarus, who claimed to have converted MDMK chief Vaiko, openly called for dethroning Modi. He and other Christian bodies campaigned against Modi during the prayer meets. It is learnt that in a Egmore church, some people said “we are here for Sunday prayers; not to listen to you anti-Modi campaign. Both Muslims and Christians use their religion to change the politics of their likes.
Mohan is notorious for making insulting remarks against Hinduism and Hindus repeatedly including respected Hindu spiritual leaders. Already Legal Rights Forum has petitioned the Union Home Ministry to revoke FCRA license given to this outfit.