China behind Wistron Episode?

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The Communist Party of China and its propagandists have been busy issuing threats to companies that are planning to shift their manufacturing units to India

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In a desperate attempt to resist global manufacturers from leaving China, state-run Global Times has unleashed a campaign asking companies not to consider India as a manufacturing destination. The recent riot in the iPhone manufacturing WistronCorporation’s plant in Karnataka was given due importance by the Global Times. At the same time, there is suspicion of Chinese hand behind the protest. Both the Karnataka state government and the Wistron Corporation have refuted the newspaper reports of wage cut and non-payment. The state government has also clarified that no complaints were lodged by the labourers in the employment department regarding this.
Global Times in their report says “Due to the poor local security situation in India, Wistron's factory was an obvious target for attacks.” Also, without directly asking companies to move out of India to China, this propaganda news outlet’s report goes like “Following the video surfacing on social media, Chinese netizens called for Apple to choose China as its main manufacturing hub."Factories in China are safest to invest in. The probability of smashing and burning in China is extremely low," commented a Chinese netizen named as ilife on Sina-Weibo."Move to China, China welcomes you," said another Chinesenetizen named as fangchunchun.
The Global Times also found an ‘independent analyst’ to speak against India. This Beijing bases analyst told GT that Although India on the surface offers low labour costs, the production capacity, efficiency and quality of manufacturing output is low. He also said “Many companies which have tried to diversify away from China are moving their manufacturing industry chain back. Although the cost has increased, the efficiency has also increased. In the long run it is cost-effective for companies." He added that the return of the industrial production to China is an inevitable trend.
Following the COVID outbreak and China’s aggression with neighbours, many companies are looking towards India as an option to invest. Therefore, China will further try to project India as a lawless nation. India government will have a tougher job in finding out Chinese moles instigating chaos in India.

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SFI leader Srikanth
The incident has attracted global attention and China’s state-run propaganda media outlets had made this a big issue. They had openly called for companies to shift their bases out of India to China. Meanwhile, there are allegations that China is behind the protest, which became even clearer after the arrest of a local SFI leader
An SFI leader was arrested in connection with the Wistron’s iPhone factory violence which took place on the previous Saturday in Karnataka. Comrade Srikanth, the taluk president of SFI in Kolar, was arrested after the police found him leading an outsider group that caused damage to the factory and looted Apple products. ABVP Karnataka in its tweet over the arrest said: “Communist Student Wing #SFI is behind Apple plant violence in Bengaluru": Kolar MP. Local SFI President is arrested in connection with the riot. Left ideology was always towards destruction & pulling down harmony in the society!”
The incident has attracted global attention and China’s state-ran propaganda media outlets had made this a big issue. They had openly called for companies to shift their bases out of India to China. There is also allegation of China’s hand behind the protest, which becomes even clearer after the arrest of SFI leader.
Given the seriousness of the incident, the Karnataka Home MinisterBasavarajBommai has ordered that a high-ranking officer be appointed to oversee the investigation
Meanwhile, Wistron India has pinned the loss due to the violence at Rs 43 crore, a significant deduction from the initial calculation of Rs 437 crore. SFI leader’s arrest exposes the organisation’s involvement in violent activities and his questioning will further reveal the planning and intention behind the violence.