Rajnikanth leaves politics before he enters, DMK's hand suspected

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Rajnikanth tweeted on December 3 while announcing his political entry, “We will change. We will change everything. Miracles and wonder will happen. If not now, then never”.
But today he has made a dramatic pull back, ‘Thalaiva’ for lakhs of film fans, superstar Rajnikanth, two days after being discharged from hospital for fluctuating blood pressure in Hyderabad, confirmed today that he is not joining electoral politics. In a three page open letter to the public, more particularly to his fans, he detailed what made him to take this extreme decision. In that he said “I regret that I can’t join politics. I alone know the pain I underwent through alone while making this decision public. I will do whatever I can for the public. But I apologize, I can’t launch a political party which I have promised earlier this month. I have always spoken the truth and I am speaking the truth now as well from bottom of my heart”.
Continuing further, Rajnikanth said that he does not want to make the people feel like a scapegoat, but his recent health conditions have come as a warning from God. “I will not go ahead with my plans to take a political entry for the Tamil Nadu assembly elections due next year. I know that I might upset a lot of my fans, party members and well-wishers with this decision but I don’t want to ruin the lives of thousands and lakhs by choosing something that I can’t fulfill. Despite the Covid-19 vaccine promise, it is still not the right time to be out in public, to campaign and interact with masses and it may put many lives in danger. My immunity is also low”. With this announcement, his ambition and promise to launch a political party of his own is sealed once for all.
The detailed explanation came a day after his discharge from Hyderabad based private hospital, where he was being treated for blood pressure fluctuation. He was shooting for his next film Annathe and some of the crew members were tested positive for Covid 19. Rajni, who tested negative, was being kept under close medical observation. He has now been advised to complete best rest for one week to help avoid stress in view of his post-kidney transplant status, liable hypertension and age (70). Campaigning through non-contact modes like social media would not get the desired result and would not be effective. Now there is second wave of COVID-19 in western countries. I do not want to take risk as well public in contracting Corona. I took all criticism, innuendos lightly. I am thankful to Tamilaruvi Manian and Arjuna Murthy who left BJP to work with me. But at the same I will assure I will do to people whatever I can without a political party of my own. I never hesitated to speak truth. I appeal to my fans, who expected from me to offer transparent, truthful governance, with real concern for my welfare, accept my decision wholeheartedly.
In December 3, Rajnikanth announced that he would plunge politics and would announce party’s name and others on 31st of this month.
After several delays and half-starts he said his political party and his government, if elected to power shall offer a ‘non-corrupt, honest, transparent and secular one with a spiritual politics. It will definitely win the next elections; I am ready to sacrifice even my life for the sake of Tamil people. It is now or never. We will change, we will change everything. We will practice spiritual politics”. He said there was a speculation that the launch could be delayed due to his heath condition. But he said that efforts were on to launch the party as promised. But he has changed plans to jump into politics entirely. Political observers copying his words say “not now it (political party) will never “.
Rajnikanth over the years since 1996, has built an image of a simple and honest one with a cherished desire to develop Tamil Nadu and work for the welfare of the people. He cautiously adopted a non-partisan approach so fare, except in 1996 when he said “even god can’t save Tamil Nadu if Jayalalithaa’s AIADMK is voted back to power. This appeal helped DMK to win.
AIADMK, DMK and its allies feared that his political party, if launched, would eat into their vote bank and made all sorts of criticisms against Rajnikanth to desist him from going ahead with his plans.
Senior journalist Senkottai Sriram said his sudden somersault has disappointed his lakhs of his fan following. When his entry into politics was almost certain, with efforts to register the party name with Election commission, finalisation of flag, structuring of party setup in full swing, he cited his health and his concern for fans. DMK leader Stalin’s elder brother M K Azhagiri was planning to launch a political party and hinted may align with Rajnikanth. Even, poll strategist Prashant Kishore is learnt to have commented that after Rajnikanth’s announcement about his political party launch, he had do recast the strategist for DMK, which engaged him, in tune with the current political atmosphere. Earlier DMK’s chances were bright. There is a suspicion that DMK might have behind his sudden turn around. They took him to Hybderabad for Sun pictures’ next movie.
What happened and what transpired are not known. It appears to be part of pre-set one; i.e. the COVID infection to crew, his hospitalization and all. All these are, it is believed, stage managed or pre-scripted, as there is resurgence against DMK’s anti Hindu polices and a strong pro -wave for spiritual based politics. This may help BJP and Rajnikanth’s new party help get votes. It is a big relief for DMK. DMK destroyed political career of Vijayakant after he was into politics over a decade. But it nipped in bud the Rajnikanth’s yet to be born party. It is not known who pushed him to sign agreement with Sun pictures. BJP was confident about his political entry as it would split the opposition votes.
Another journalist said “BJP is allegedly cajoled Rajnikanth to start a political party at least only for this election. It helped him in IT cases to avoid paying penalties. Now Rajnikanth ditched everybody and his words wont’ carry any weight in future, even if he asks his fans to vote for a particular alliance or against. He lost his credibility which he has been all these years. Before his every film shooting and release, he would talk about his political ambitions. It was a sweet coated trap to lure fans to see his film and make it a blockbuster”.