Congress neta likes eating BEEF in Karnataka, Workers slaughter cow on a street in Kerala, but the party undertakes Save Cow Yatra in U.P

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“Gohatya band karo, gohatya nahi sahenge” (‘stop killing cows, we won’t tolerate the killing of cows’), people may not believe that these slogans were raised at a Congress rally. But yes, just like its leaders, the congress party is also confused of the direction towards which the party should sail for its existence. Congress’s hypocrisy stands exposed with this ‘Save cow agitation’ that they have unleashed against the Yogi government in U.P. The same party opposed anti-cow slaughtering bill in Karnataka and its former Chief Minister Siddaramaiah went to the extent of saying that he likes eating beef. The same party’s workers slaughtered a cow in broad daylight in Kerala and the party organised beef fest in Kerala.
“I had once said in the Assembly that I eat cattle meat, who are you to ask?” Siddaramaiah said while speaking at an event to celebrate the Congress’ Foundation Day in Bengaluru. He also took potshots at other congress leaders, saying that they were wary of taking a stand against the anti-cow slaughter bill because they were afraid of the backlash. Police in Kannur in north Kerala had booked 16 Youth Congress activists in 2017, who slaughtered a cow in public and cooked its meat and distributed it. They were charged under IPC Section 428 and section (ii) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act of 1960. A party of that reputation now protesting for cow protection is itself a joke.
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Coming back to the U.P protest, the Congress party on Saturday started a foot march from Lalitpur to highlight the plight of cows and farmers in Uttar Pradesh. But barely had the yatra progressed that its State president Ajay Kumar Lallu, who set off with a pot filled with the asthiya (ashes) of a dead cow on his head, the police stopped the yatra and took him into custody. Having no real issues to protest against the Yogi government, congress thought of using the cow as a reason for the protest.
Congress de-facto leader Priyanka Vadra, in a tweet, addressed to the “dear soldiers of Congress” said, “No force in the world can stop you from raising questions in the interest of farmers”. It seems that like their earlier protests, their ‘cow protection agitation’ will also fall flat due to Congress party’s hypocrisy.