Bharat has to become Yashasvi—Dr Krishna Gopal

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New Delhi: Junapithadheeshwar Acharya Mahamandaleshwar Awadheshanand Giri released ‘Yashasvi Bharat’, a compilation of speeches by Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat ji at New Delhi in the presence of Dr Krishna Gopal, and Auditor General of India Rajiv Maharishi. The book has been published by Prabhat Prakashan.
This is the first compilation of speeches by a Sarsanghchalak after 1960. Earlier, a compilation of speeches of the then Sarsanghchalak Shri Madhav Sadashiv Golwalkar ‘Shri Guruji’ was published. Preface of ‘Yashwasi Bharat’, was written by former Prachar Pramukh Shri M. G. Vaidya.
Dr Krishna Gopal underlined that we have to become prosperous and powerful, but beyond this, India has to become Yashasvi. He said that ‘Yash’ comes when someone performs charity. Referring to ancient India, he said that we were the economic superpower till the 18th century, but was also decisive. But our reputation was due to our policy of ‘sarve bhavantu sukhinaha’ and our sense of treating everyone as a part of God. He also cited the example of countries like Egypt, Babylon, Sparta, etc., saying that barbaric, violent and cruelty destroys civilisations. He said that the message of the speeches of Dr Mohan Bhagwat is that how can we all become a participant in India’s ‘Yashasvita’ and all-round integrated development by erasing the differences. Let us remember our glorious past when India was the ‘Vishwaguru’ and led the world. Now India is again on the path of earning its lost identity and prestige.
Junapithadheeshwar Mahamandaleshwar Swami Awadheshanand Giri said that the situation is changing. There has been a change in the caste status, the status of women, the thinking of society.
Giving the example of ‘sanyasi’ tradition, he said that saints are now being formed even from so-called small castes and no one has any objection. Hindus do not convert others. During the pandemic crisis, many people in the world adopted Yoga, Ayurveda and other Indian methods; with this, the idea of India has been widely publicised all over the world. In Dr Mohan Bhagwat contemplative address, there is a way to build India's golden future.
Chief Guest Rajiv Maharishi also spoke on ‘Who is Hindu’. He said that Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat always has the nation in his thoughts, and this is the reason the acceptance of this global organisation (RSS) is continuously increasing in the society.
The book ‘Yashasvi Bharat’ contains a compilation of 17 speeches given on different occasions by Sarsanghchalak Dr Mohan Bhagwat. The 286-page book was edited by Shyam Kishore, editor of Lok Sabha TV.