Thalaiva to announce his political outfit on December 31, Tamil Nadu politics up for a churn

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Ending his quarter century old suspense, Superstar Rajinikant announced that he would take a political plunge in January next.This comes as a big morale booster to his supporters and fans. This officials marks the beginning of the count down for the 'war between starts' in the next year’s assembly polls.
On December2017, Rajnikant opened his heart to his fans by stating that he would enter politics in the time of assembly elections. He told them that he would field candidates for all 234 constituencies. “ I will follow spiritual politics” he said. Rajnikanth had also announced that his proposed party would neither contest 2019 parliament polls nor lend support to any other parties. In March this year, RajiniKant told reporters that he wished to see an “ uprising’’ among the mass seeking a ‘ change’ from the Dravidian parties which ruled Tamil Nadu for more than 5 decades. He made it clear that he had no liking for Chief Minister’s post but would nominate a suitable educated and qualified person. ''My party if elected, would pursue spiritual based politics and zero tolerance for corruption'' he old said.

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After the demise of his close friend SP Balasubrmanian, who died of Corona, Rajinikantsaid ''doctors advised me not to take risk after considering my age. I am a kidney transplant person''.On October 29, through a statement RajiniKanttold the reporters that he would take a final call on his entry into politics after consulting the office bearers of Rajini Makkal Mandram (RMM). He tweeted after a statement explaining his health conditions and the pandemic as the reason for his postponing the decision to launch political party. But later he disowned the statement, but acknowledged that the details about his health were true.
In this back ground, Rajni sprung a surprise by calling all district functionaries of RMM for an open discussion on 30th of November. In that meeting, It is learnt that, he sought views of functionaries about his political entry in the backdrop of his health and the prevailing Corona pandemic situation. After hearing their views he told them that he would make a decision soon. He held parlays with his close associates and friends both in person and over phone. He also consulted his doctors and astrologers before taking a final decision.
Rumours were flying thick that he would not enter into politics. BJP and Union Home Minister Amit Shah, through Auditor Gurumurthy cajoled him to launch a political party. He may give voice or support BJP alliance. And all sorts of rumours were being spread by his detractors. DMK and AIADMK do not want his entry, as they fear he would eat into their votes. He kept the media and political at tenterhooks worrying will he come or not. Days after his consulting his fans, RajiniKant today ( 3rd December) told media persons at his Poes garden residence that he would launch his political party in January. An announcement will be made on December 31.

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He said “ our party, with the support of people will capture power and provide a corruption-free and transparent government that will be above caste, creed and religion. He said “ I would never go back from my words. I have said that I will come in time for assembly elections in Tamil Nadu. Wanted to undertake a statewide tour. But Corona pandemic created a hurdle. A political change is extremely inevitable at this hour. We will change everything. Change of government and change in politics will happen. I am only a small tool. It is the people, who have to usher in the change. Will emerge victorious in the 2021 assembly elections. if we win, it will be victory of the people and if not it is the defeat of the people. I appeal to people to support. In the ensuing assembly elections, the emergence of spiritual political will happen for sure. I am confident that his to be launched party will be able to win elections with the huge support of the people”.
RajiniKant in a tweet later said “ We will change. We will change everything. Miracles and wonder will happen. If not now, then never” . His fans have been running over the past few months on the same slogan. Source close to him said his party’s name would “ AnmigaJanatha Party ( Spiritual People Party-AJP). He also announced that TamilaruviManian would be supervisor of the yet to be floated party. He is a writer and a speaker. Rajini also announced Arjun Murthy, as chief coordinator of the new party. Arjun Murthy was BJP’s intellectual wing chief which he resigned after the announcement.
“ TamilaruviManian has been appointed as supervisor.He has supported me since I said I will enter politics. I have the confidence that I will win. Everybody has a fate. Similarly every state and country has a fate and the time has come for Tamil Nadu to change its fate.
On hearing his announcement, his jubilant fans burst crackers and gave sweets. In his tweet AlaguMuthuEswaran said addresses the reporters for the first time since he unveiled his new decision of launching the political party in January 2021. Following his announcement of entering politics by next year, his fans celebrated in Chennai.