CPM teams up with Islamist PFI-SDPI to rule municipality, SDPI backed councillor gets vice-chairperson post

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The ‘ultra-secular’ CPI(M) has made an understanding with the Islamist political outfit SDPI to secure Chairperson’s post in the Pathanamthitta Municipality. In return, SDPI backed independent candidate Aamina Hyderali is elected as the vice-chairperson of the municipality. At the same time, in a desperate attempt to fool people the 3 municipal councillors of the SDPI abstained from voting. SDPI is the political outfit of Islamist fundamentalist organisation, the Popular Front of India, which is suspected to be involved in anti-national activities.
Out of the 32 seats in Pathanamthitta municipality, both UDF and LDF bagged 13 seats each. SDPI won 3 seats while 3 independent candidates also won in the recently concluded Kerala local body elections. Two among them were SDPI backed independent candidates for the election. These two independent candidates voted for LDF. SDPI was behind the murder of Abhimanyu, an SFI leader who was killed by SDPI workers in Kerala. But for gaining power CPM has made a truce with the same organisation which brutally killed comrade Abhimanyu. Interestingly, the ward where Abhimanyu’s house is located wan won by a BJP candidate.
Political analysts observe that CPM would find it hard to explain about this unholy alliance to its cadres.