Deoband cleric issues Halal disclaimer; asks Muslims to wait for vaccine shots till fatwa is issued

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In a bizarre demand made by Mullas whose calendars hadn’t been flipped since medieval times, Muslims are asked not to get a shot of corona vaccine until a fatwa is issued for the same. These clerics are angry due to the alleged presence of pork gelatin in the vaccines. This cleric named Qari Ishaq Gora, who hails from the Deoband Islamic seminary has also asked Muslims to check whether the contents of the vaccine are permissible under Islam. The statement from the Muslim cleric comes a day after Sunni scholars from Mumbai’s Raza Academy said that Chinese vaccine is “haram” for Muslims as it contains pork gelatin.
In a video statement, Raza Academy’s Secretary-General Saeed Noorie urged the Narendra Modi-led BJP government to not order the China-made vaccine. “For any vaccine which has been ordered or made in India, the government should show us the list of content so that we can make announcements regarding the use of the vaccine,” Times Now quoted Noorie as saying.
Earlier, the United Arab Emirates’ highest Islamic authority, the UAE Fatwa Council, allowed coronavirus vaccines for Muslims even if they contain pork gelatin. Council Chairman Sheikh Abdallah bin Bayyah said that if there are no alternatives, then the coronavirus vaccines would not be subject to Islamic restrictions on pork due to the higher need to “protect the human body.” Other Islamic nations like Egypt, Morocco, Turkey and Indonesia are also lined up for vaccinating their citizens.
Deoband Cleric’s statement comes at a time when an even more dangerous variant of COVID is reported in Britain.