Bishop Erza Sarunam’s bizarre statements on PM Modi triggers controversy, DMK’s Christmas celebration turns anti-Hindu slugfest

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ECI Bishop Ezra Sargunam
Once again evangelist, church planter and known DMK supporter and controversial Bishop Ezra Sargunam has hurled abusive comments on the personal life of Prime Minister Modi, saying he did not deserve to rule Bharat as he could not lead a harmonious life with his wife even for five days.
A Bishop in the Chennai diocese of the Evangelical Church of India (ECI) Ezra Sargunam, notorious for his rabid anti-Hindu hatred and personal attack on Modi’s private life, spoke at the hunger strike protest organized by DMK in Chennai on 18th December in support of protesting farmers in Delhi. Sargunam told the audience that Modi could not live with his wife even for five days. “He is not fit to rule the country. He is not going to change his mind anyway. He is a man who has come to loot the country and is doing his job correctly. His duty is to support the four rich men. He does not care about the poor. But he will keep on saying ‘I was born poor. I sold tea. I am living my life for the poor’. But friends he keeps doing exactly the opposite. Modi has no fear for God as he does not have a conscience. If Modi had lived with wife at least for five days, he would have known the sufferings of everyday life” he said.
Sargunam said that whatever they are speaking at this event should reverberate in Delhi corridors and all the utterances made here should reach the ears of Modi. He uttered, “Can’t you live with your wife after marriage even for week? What merits do you have rule this country? He is a fake man. We will be facing difficulties like these until Modi is finished. He does not know any suffering or difficulties people facing, only if he had raised children would he know the difficulties. We do not know with whom he lived. We are now stuck with him. Let us all pray to destroy him”.
All these innuendos he made in the presence of DMK chief M K Stalin, MDMK leader Vaiko and others who enjoyed it.
This is the not first time he hurled abusive words and comments on Prime Minister, BJP, Hindu gods and customs. DMK is banking on his support for Christian votes and to raise election fund. In 2019, Ezra Sargunam said ‘’ there was no religion called Hinduism. Punch on their (Hindus) face, let them bleed. Then make them understand the truth (Christianity)”.
Sargunam, who is known for his deep rooted hatred for Hindus and a penchant for Church planting, said that a group of Brahmins at that time said they would not accept scheduled casts and Scheduled Tribes as Hindus. They would only accept a “good Brahmin as a Hindu. Half of the Brahmins classified are not actually Hindus. Hinduism is an artificial religion.” Spewing venom further he said, “100 years ago, among the Census committee members, there was a problem as to whom should be classified as Hindus. There was one Sundram Iyengar, one of the members of the committee, said that they would not accept schedule casts and tribes. That they are not Hindus. That only those who accept the Brahmins who do poojas are good Brahmins. I don’t know whether there are bad Brahmins as well – The committee had decided that those who were not Christians Muslims, Sikhs or Buddhists would be identified as Hindus. Christianity was the only oldest religion and all the hymns sung by Appar, Sundrar, Sambandar and Navukkuarasar are on Jesus only not on Shiva”.
Hindu outfits have been complaining to the police but no action worth is yet to be initiated. Senior BJP leader H Raja has urged the state government to book him under Goondas act and wanted his immediate arrest. BJP spokesman Narayanan Tirupathi said “Sargunam’s comments on the DMK organized function is highly condemnable. He has spoken about the private life of the PM Modi. We have preferred complaint against Sargunam two years ago for similar remarks. No action is taken against him till date. Leaders like Stalin, Vaiko did not react to his comments but enjoyed his speech. They should have scolded him for making abusive words against the elected PM. I am going to lodge complaint once again”.
A BJP leader who do not want to be identified said “if same logic is applied, Jesus did not marry and can’t be fit to be a god. Jesus, who is believed to have married nuns, did not live with them, and he could not save his life when three nails were punched during crucifixion, who could not save nuns from the lusty bishops, pastors, and save the children from the hands of pedophiles, how could be a god? . How Adam and Eve who were born before Christ could become Christians?
BJP legal wing state secretary A Asvathaman had filed a complaint with police requesting them to take action against Sargunam for his personal attack on Prime Minister Modi. Also he filed a complaint market-less villain actor Mansur Ali Khan who spoke on the same function at Valluvar Kottam on 18th December, is trying foment communal clashes, creating hatred against the nation and its people, wounding sentiments of the people with an intention to instigate to them indulge in violence, trying to destroy the communal harmony, sovereignty of the nation. He should be also arrested for the above offenses”. In a video Mansur Ali Khan was heard speaking nowhere saliva was taken for Covid- 19 tests but the Central government did it wantonly and cheating people. Whether the rulers are Pandaram, Paradesis ( mendicants and nomads) sinners. He is also made snide comments on Bharath Matha.
In another event on the eve of Christmas organised by DMK leader M K Stalin, evangelical preachers attended. Vlogger Maridhas in a video said, DMK which claims secular, never extends greetings on Hindu festivals and did not take part in them. But it and its allies never missed to attend functions organized by minorities. In that recent function they floated a concept that the very mention of word Hindu is making burning sensation.
Why should they speak about Hindus in the Christmas celebration function? Will they spare if any Hindu mutt heads or leaders speak the same way? In Temples, we do not discuss politics. Why should they speak politics in a Church function? What was the need for that? By this they are trying to create communal clashes and hatred against Hindus. Only for the people who do day in and day out converting Hindus, would get the burning sensation. People them, speak against Hindus, nation and Prime Minister is a foremost duty for which they are paid for. Sargunam, who is a bishop , makes abusive comments on Prime Minister, is he a religious man? It is unbecoming of his post. Won’t he talk about Karunanidhi’s personal life his wives and innumbable concubines? Or any other Dravidian leaders? His main avocation is converting Hindus and get paid for the job. These wolves should be thrown out of the country. Both DMK and AIADMK give shelter to these people and patronize them for political gains
Bala Gauthaman said, Sargunam wanted Modi should be eliminated. He did not mean he was dethroned. It was unbecoming a Bishop to stoop that level. “in a meeting organized by Muslisms, sargunam told them “ why you are keeping quiet. Do something to finish Modi. You are brave ones. He provoked them by saying this” quotes Gauthaman. He said, there may ideological differences among various political parties or outfits. But provoking the audience to kill the PM is not acceptable. Is it the stand of the DMK? Stalin did not condemn his remarks. So Sargunam had the blessings of DMK. Senior Journalist Sri Ram said, Prashanth Kishore’s IPAC is believed to have behind all these happenings. DMK has been encouraging people to speak against Hindus, their gods and their custom, culture.
At Trichy conference, Stalin thundered that they would put an end to Sana dhana dharma and Hinduism. DMK backed outfit Karuppar Kootam made obscene comments on Skanda Shasti Kavasam. Stalin did not make any say anything but commented when arrests were made. Similarly VCK leader Thirumalavalan’s nasty comments on Bharat women quoting Manu smiriti, Stalin supported him. Hatred against Hindus is in DMK’s blood. It is no wonder such things are being coming to fore one after another. A fake god Hindu woman with sacred ash on her forehead known as Kalaiarasi Natarajan, who is a crypto Christian, said in a Christmas function “ we should not use the word Hindus. All Muslims, Christians and Tamils have umbilical cord relationship.” She has been making such comments pretending to be a Hindu sadhu. All these proves that DMK is working against Hindus for political gain. It believes by these way, it can get minority votes. It is nothing but a cheap politics”.
Another BJP leader Omampuliyur Jayaraman said, Sargunam who tried to remove Hindu idols from Hindu temple in Gujarat and to convert it into a church. He escaped from Gujarat to avoid arrest and surrendered at Karunanidhi’s feet. He once said he saw Jesus in Karunanidhi. Such was his blind faith in DMK.