Perils of Muslim Aggression

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A slew of attacks on Hindu temples in Tamil Nadu by members of the Muslim minority community betrays the plight of Hindus in the State. In several areas, places of worship of Hindus were desecrated and destroyed without any qualms by Islamists. Political parties and the government are ready to bend over backwards to appease Muslims
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A Hindu temple near Vadipatti was pulled down to build a private agricultural college

Pushpavanam village in Nagapattinam district is home to over 1,500 Hindu families. They have been living in the village for ages. In a petition to the district revenue authorities, M Jayakumar, a local resident, stated: “Just for three Muslim families, efforts are on to build a mosque on a piece of land bought for agricultural purposes on forged documents. They submitted fake Aadhar cards and other documents to show that there were 15 Muslims families living in the area. After an objection was raised by the villagers, the village panchayat doctored the documents. The panchayat gave its nod on September 16, though no meeting was held on that day. The sanction was given on the basis of a predated resolution (no. 53/2020). The approval was illegal, and it should be revoked. There is no public way to the mosque. They use a Hindu man’s land as a pathway. This will lead to skirmishes between Hindus and Muslims as what had happened in Marthandam in Kanyakumari district. Later they will become a majority by undertaking forced conversions. Moreover, in the same place, we have been installing Vinayagar idols during the Vinayagar Chaturthi festival. This is the route we take for idol immersion at sea.”
In the petition, he further stated: “After initiating the construction work of the illegal mosque, they have brought in over 100 Muslim families from other places to settle here. We came to know that some Islamic fundamentalist groups are conspiring to foment communal trouble in the area. They are buying lands from poor at exorbitant prices or luring them with jobs in foreign countries. The mosque was built flouting rules. We request you to cancel the approval given to the mosque and stop the construction work which is underway.” The letter was written on November 23.
Bala Guathaman of Vedic Science Research Centre said before the election, the minorities will approach the state government to get legal approvals for their illegal construction, acquisition, encroachment and others. “The authorities had fudged the records and allowed them to build a mosque on agricultural land. The authorities will accord permission to illegal churches and mosques to get their votes en bloc during the elections. All political parties are working hand-in-glove with Muslims. They take all pending files and give favourable orders. They benefit by getting money, favours and votes. Why should all ward members approve the resolutions in panchayat bodies? But the Hindus with self-respect are opposing such things, which is a positive development. Close on the heels of opposition from local Hindus, they are trying to legalise it this way. As per the 1970 Panchayat Act, permission from the local bodies is essential to build any new places of worship. The permission has to be ratified by the state government. As a first step, they got illegal approval from the local body. Forged Aadhar, ration documents for people not living in the village, predated resolution all proved that they have the blessings of the state government. How can they build a mosque on a land that was bought for agricultural purposes? This is against the rules. They adopted the same method In Marthandam. When Hindus objected, Muslims attacked Hindus and filed false cases against them. They gave hapless Hindus two options: Either leave or convert to Islam. Hindus have become a minority in several villages. No political party is ready to raise their voice against such actions or speak in favour of Hindus. The Islamists are turning each village a battlefield. We should be aware of this and ready to fight. If none can save the state,” he said.
In another incident, Ambarakarathur in Karaikal based Mansoor Ali on November 27, allegedly forcefully entered Parvatheeswar temple, part of the famous Ambagarathur Patra Kali Amman temple to abuse Hindu deities. He video-graphed Gods and abused the priests, who objected to his filming. Later he uploaded the video on social media (Facebook) with objectionable and nasty comments. Bala Gauthaman said Mansoor Ali was arrested following a complaint from the temple trustees. My question is who gave him the temerity to enter into a crowded Hindu temple and to do his likings. In Bharat, 85 percent of them are Hindus. A person from a minority community can enter a temple, videograph, abuse the sculptures and deities in vulgar language and went ahead to post the feed on his Facebook page. He also abused the priests when they objected to his video shooting. Where did this audacity show Hindus fear towards Islamic extremism? Politicians and police are fully responsible for the same. What guarantee won't he do it in another temple? Had any community persons done this, what would have happened? People like Mansoor Ali can go and come out without any harm; it shows the Tamil Nadu and Puducherry are under the grip of terrorists’ hands. Till today no major political parties condemned his action? No media carried reports. It is an open challenge to Hindus that Muslims can enter and do anything and escape without any harm. It is high time Hindus realised this danger.”

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Mansoor Ali entered a Shiva temple and took videos of the deity
The authorities had fudged the records and allowed them to build a mosque on agricultural land. The authorities will accord permission to illegal churches and mosques to get their votes… The AIADMK is repeating the same mistake that Karunanidhi had committed in 1996
Coimbatore serial blasts convict S A Basha who came out on 15-day parole with police protection. Defying parole norms, he released a video thanking the Islamic community for helping people affected by the Nivar storm. BJP and Bharat Sena complained to the police requesting them to cancel his parole. Police said they forwarded the letter and a recommendation to revoke Basha’s parole to jail authorities. Bala Guathaman said it is an eye-wash. “By the time they make a decision, his parole period would be over. He stayed more days on parole than in jail. I have been observing of late the government is doling out more favours to minorities. Their actions help Islamic terrorism to raise its head again,” he said.
Muslim outfits have been demanding the release of Basha, the notorious Islamic terrorist serving jail term for his role in bomb blasts, prematurely considering his health. His name was found on the list of those who had completed 10 years of life sentence. After protests from Hindutva parties, his name was dropped at the last minute. The government did not reveal the facts before the court when he sought parole. During the DMK rule, the entire area came under the control of Muslims. Police cannot enter without their knowledge. Violence becomes a day to day affair in Coimbatore afterwards. Basha who tried to kill Hindu Munnani founder Ramagopalan in 1984, RSS office and Hindu Munnani office bomb blasts and involved in several murder cases. A terrorist who killed 58 people in bomb blasts was able to get parole and recommended for premature release. Political parties who demand death sentences for single killing did not press the same for Basha. Expecting Muslims votes, the government is deliberately taking actions that are favourable to them. The AIADMK is repeating the same mistake that Karunanidhi had committed in 1996, which is a root cause for all suffering today. Basha’s video was immediately going viral, which showed he has been in contact with all terror groups. It also revealed that Basha is their godfather. Osama-bin-Laden was for global terror while Basha is for Tamil Nadu.

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70 acres of temple land was encroached upon by agricultural college
Muslim outfits have been demanding release of Basha, the notorious Islamic terrorist serving jail term for his role in bomb blasts, prematurely considering his health. His name was found in the list of those who had completed 10 years of life sentence. After protests from Hindutva parties, his name was dropped
Muslims who encroached government lands and threatened Hindus from coming to them in non-descript Muthusamy Puram near Batma Nagar in Sri Vaikundam Taluk in Thoothukudi district is a concern for all. Hindu Munnani state vice president VP Jayakumar told your correspondent that in that village there are 75 Hindu families residing. Muslims encroached over 143 acres of government land in north and west sides bearing survey no.439. They built superstructures in the encroached lands including the mosque, shops. Even they collect rent from government offices built on the government land. Part of the land is being used as a playground. Plots of land without patta bearing survey nos 329/1, 329/2,329/3b, 329/4, 329/5 belonged to Srivaikundam Panchayat union. Over 1000 houses and mosques are built on that land. MM Higher Secondary School (private), playground, MK High School, Madharshah college run by Imam Foundation were constructed on the encroached government lands. The Madharshah College does not have approval from authorities. Indian Overseas Bank pays rent for a building built on the encroached land to the custodian of Mujahideen Jamia Masjid. Perungulam Cooperative also pays rent to him. Besides these, a post office, veterinary hospital, government hospital and BSNL have been paying rent to him. Shops and commercial complexes are given only to Muslims. There were clashes between Hindus and Muslims. Hindu shops were destroyed.”
“Now Hindus are denied access to these properties. Muslims will be given these encroached properties for rent denying the same to Hindus. Hindus are not allowed to organise temple festivals. Hindu Munnani, on hearing their woes, stepped in to find a solution. A fact-finding team led by advocate P Chidambaram, Hindu Munnani state vice-president, spoke to the affected Hindus and submitted a report to Hindu Munnani top leaders. The team included Tirunelveli District vice-president Advocate G Venkateswaran, secretary Advocate A Raja, Advocate Punjab Sekar, Venkatesh and others. We visited the village despite restrictions from the police. Our report has been sent to TN Chief Minister, DGP, and concerned officials for necessary action” he explained.
A church has been illegally built in an encroached land belonging to Thiruparankundram Subramaniya Swamy cave temple, one of the six abodes of Lord Muruga in Madurai district. The church was among various illegal enrolments valued at over 100 crores. Every year, Hindu Munnani and VHP, BJP cadres who tried to light a lamp atop the hill were arrested by police. Muslims have a built a dargah with the grave of Islam Shaheed. They tried to claim it as ‘Sikandar hill’. The court that heard the claim of Hindus during British raj held that the entire hill belonged to Hindus. It is Sri Skandar Hill not Sikkandar hill. It put an end to the issue. But the Muslims are raking it up every year with government’s support.

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Fact-finding committee of hindu munnani visited village near Sri vaikundam
In Dindigul district, Muslims tried to do namaz in the prohibited area. Muthkrishappa Naicker, who ruled Madurai, built a fort in the year 1605 atop the Dindigul hill. He also built a temple for Abirami Amman. Tippu sultan removed the idol of Goddess and threw it away. The state government which built a memorial for Tipu Sultan did not bother to reinstall the idol Padma Greeswarar and Abirami idols in their original place. The Muslims are not allowing devotees to Girivalam (circumambulation) during the New Moon days. South India Tipu Sultan Forum announced that it would hoist the Dheeran Tipu Sultan flag and do namaz at the hilltop. To counter this Hindu devotee announced that they would light lamps atop the hill during the lamp festival. They demanded the arrest of Muslims are glorifying Tipu who killed lakhs of Hindus and treated women and girls, children, cruelly. Gauthaman said, “The Government is again committing an error. Hindu temple was atop the hill. What is wrong in lighting a lamp in the month of Karthika (light festival). After Tipu or the British government that ruled the country did not bother to install the idols again. After independence, Hindus did not set the wrong by reinstalling the idols. It is a cause for the present day problems.”
Residents of Sri Rangapuram say a 150-year-old Chinna Malai Mahalingam Hindu temple near Usilampatti in Madurai district ‘disappeared all on a sudden’ during the pandemic period. Residents of 13 villages used to gather here to worship at this temple annually. This year when they went to the village for the annual festival, security personnel of a private agricultural college did not allow them to enter. To their surprise, the temple was demolished, and there was no trace of it. Following complaints from villagers, police swung into action and redeemed a part of the 70-acre land illegally occupied by the college.
These is only a tip of the iceberg. Without the blessings of the government and political parties, the Muslim radicals cannot inflict atrocities on Hindus. Things will change only after Hindus stand up for their rights. After witnessing a huge response to BJP’s Vel Yatra, Stalin’s son Udayanidhi is visiting Muths and temples. MK Stalin has started chanting some names of God. As Thuglak Cho Ramaswamy once rightly said, for the sake of votes atheists in the DMK would do anything. If Hindus are united and oppose DMK, its cadres would even bear kavadi and make other offerings before the God.