Tamil Nadu People Protection Movement pens letter to Home Minister, seeks ban on Naxal outfit that organises anti-India conference

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Tirunelveli based Thamizhaga Makkal Pathukappu Iyakkam has red-flagged the Union Home Minister about the proposed Periyar Social Justice Centenary Conference and sought a ban on it.
In a letter to Union Home Minister Amit Shah, the newly formed Hindu outfit Tamil Nadu People Protection Movement (Thamizhaga Makkal Pathukappu Iyakkam), has brought his attention about the Periyar Social Justice Centenary Conference. It said that Periyarist-Maoist Anti-national secessionist, Urban Naxal forces have proposed to organise this Conference on 27th December at Centenary Auditorium. It says “representatives from Anti National Secessionist Movements, who challenge national integrity and Sovereignty, are to participate in the above said Conference. The Convener of this Conference, Mrs Jothi is a well- known Urban Naxal having close nexus with Maoist-Naxal elements. She is the one who accompanied the mother of a Naxalite Velmurugan belonging to Periyakulam, Theni, who was encountered to death by Kerala Anti Naxal Special Force ‘Thunderbold’ on November 3 of this year at Vayanad Forest Range to get his corpse for the funeral held on November 5 at Periyakulam where she raised anti-national slogans challenging the national integrity and sovereignty.
The said Velmurugan was already declared by Tamil Nadu Q Branch Police as ‘wanted culprit’ since 2014. Moreover, Tamil Nadu Home Department declared on November 6, 2016, that those who inform his whereabouts would be honoured with the cash award of Rs 2,00,000/- (Rupees Two Lac Only). The urban Naxal Jothi has been disseminating anti-national separatist views challenging Indian national integrity, security and sovereignty through her facebook posts. “The participants of this Conference include eminent politicians and activists from DMK, CPI, CPI-M, PDK, PFI, Jihadi terrorist movements and Christian Missionary outfits. We hereby would request you to ban this conference and take necessary action against the convener of this Conference Jothi having nexus with Maoist terrorists,” said the letter.
Former DMK MLA and Assembly Speaker R Avavudiappan, VCK leader and Lok Sabha MP Thol Thriumavalavan, VCK deputy general secretary Aroor Shannawaz, Madurai CPI(M) MP S Venkatesan, Ramanathapuram MP and Indian Union Muslim League leader K Nawas Kani , a pro-LTTE supporter and Tamizhaga Vazhvurimai Katchi founder Vel Murugan, industrialist Joseph Selvaraj, senior CPI leader R Nallakkannu, SDPI state president Nellai Mubarak, prof. Jesin Jude Lenoard, Film director Karu Palaniappan and others are expected to participate in the proposed function.
It requested the Home Ministry to ban Periyar Social Justice Centenary Conference and take action against the Urban Naxal Advocate Jothi, Convener of the said Conference and the staunch supporter of Naxalbari Movement.
Organiser weekly had already carried a story about a conspiracy hatched by 180 left , anti-national, fundamentalist and Tamil rights activists forum, all funded and backed up DMK and foreign elements to create chaos in Tamil Nadu to help DMK to gain power. Tamil Nadu has become a fertile ground for Muslim and Jesuit outfits with official blessings to carry out their activities unfettered. There are efforts to have a separate state for Tamils with self-rule by having unfettered powers by these elements.
On October 29 this year Periarists federation (followers of Periyar ideologies) organized a conference. Dravidar Kazhagam leader K Veeramani and his lieutenant Ma Poogundran, May 17 movement leader Daniel Gandhi Thirumurugan Gandhi, a self -proclaimed geopolitical commentator, human rights activists, pro-LTTE supporter under the guise of Tamil identity, Kolathur Mani, Pozhilan, Kovai Ramakrishnan and cine personalities participated in the three- day zoom conference. On October 31 it unveiled a separate flag for Tamil Nadu. “Tamil Nadu is ours… celebrate the mother nation” was their slogan that was printed on the top of the invitation. It was called Tamil Nadu Festival.