Indian Ambassadors’ Group pens open letter on Canada’s appeasement politics

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While Canada has become the home turf for the separatist Khalistan movement, Indian Ambassedors’ Group has penned an open letter about Canadian political parties using Sikhs as a vote bank. The group lauds Canada’s vibrant culture and society, but they are sceptical about the Liberal Party’s tactical support for pro-Khalistan groups.
The letter says, “It is well known that the separatist and violent Khalistani elements carry out anti-India activities, from the safety of the Canadian soil. They are also radicalising the Canadian youth with far-reaching consequences, which is being ignored at the altar of short-term political expediency.” Elaborating about the anti-India activities in Canada, the letter states, “Khalistani elements in Canada control several prominent Gurudwaras which gives them access to substantial funds, some of which are allegedly diverted to the electoral campaign of political parties especially the Liberals. They regularly hold demonstrations, rallies and other events where anti-India slogans are raised and terrorists eulogized. Few Canadian politicians have qualms about attending such events which provide the oxygen of publicity to the separatists.”
The open letter criticises the role of Pakistan in supporting and aiding pro-Khalistani elements. Canada government had been critical of the Indian government’s approach to the protesting farmers. In a rebuttal to the Canadian PM Justin Trudeau the letter says “The Canadian Government, also chose to forget how earlier this year, notwithstanding treaty obligations, they had dismissed the rights of the hereditary chiefs of the First Nations over their traditional lands. Their peaceful protests against natural-gas pipelines passing through their territory were forcefully quashed. As per the leading national daily “Canada has not figured out what the “duty to consult” Indigenous people on decisions that affect their rights means”.
Ambassadors’ group also asks the Canadian government not to step into the internal affairs of India. The open letter was signed by Vishnu Prakash IFS along with 22 other members of IFS fraternity.