NRI protestors get Azadi from Saudi Arabia; Deported for protesting against CAA-NRC

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A number of Non Residential Indians were deported from Saudi Arabia for protesting against Citizenship Amendment Act and National Register of Citizens, reported Arab media. These protestors were ‘inspired’ by the Shaheen Bagh gang, but forgot that in Arab Islamic nations there is no freedom to protest. NRIs living in Jeddah had come out with placards to show their dissent against the Indian government. But eventually, their support for the Islamist protest at Shaheen Bagh has resulted in their deportation.
“Gulf countries have zero tolerance towards any kind of protest, demonstration, or gatherings. But the protesters, some of whom were young, are said to have been unaware of this basic rule. Many also got into trouble for posting support on social media”, reports Middle East Monitor. In October last year, both India and Saudi Arabia agreed on a new Strategic Partnership Council partnership and enhanced cooperation on security issues, during the visit of Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to New Delhi.
These protestors were arrested for violating rules that prohibits any kind of assembly and protest. Since then, they were waiting to return home.