Jupiter as the Guru among the planets and the current Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction

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The planet Jupiter in Vedic astrology is called Guru, the guide or teacher among the planets. It is also named Brihaspati, who is portrayed as the guru among the Devatas, guiding all Vedic rituals and mantras, and taking us beyond death and sorrow.
Among the planets Jupiter stays closest to the zodiacal line or ecliptic in its movement. It also moves through one sign every year, in the twelve year cycle of its revolution around the Sun. Many Vedic scholars consider that the twelve signs of the zodiac were developed from watching the movement of Jupiter in the sky, as Jupiter's twelve abodes.
Jupiter's main sign of Sagittarius marks the Milky Way region of the Galactic center, which is our point of alignment to the ruling power of our galaxy. This further indicates Jupiter's power. Jupiter is also the brightest star in the night sky. Only Venus is brighter, but staying close to the Sun is never visible in the dark of the night when Jupiter rules supreme.
The current extraordinarily close Jupiter-Saturn conjunction is the closest and most visible over the last eight hundred years. It is starting now, peaking at the Dec. 21 Winter Solstice, and shows the energy of Jupiter dominated by Saturn, as it occurs in the Saturn-ruled sign of Capricorn, very close to the point of 5 degrees Capricorn where Jupiter has its maximum debility.
Obviously we are in an era of contraction globally, in terms of health and economy with constrictive Saturn dominating the expansive force of Jupiter. Is this an influence of the current year only or will it mark the next twenty years, the regular period between such Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions?
Some variations will be there according to the different charts of individuals and countries. But certainly we must carefully consider the movements of Jupiter. Will Saturn serve to depress this Jupiter energy or can it aid in a karmic purification along with Jupiter that can take humanity to a higher level of consciousness over time?
This Jupiter-Saturn conjunction becomes exact on December 21, the day of the winter solstice. Yet at this time of the winter solstice the Sun will also be within a degree of the Galactic Center, further adding to the celestial alignments of the time.
We will examine these issues in other articles and statements. Clearly this conjunction marks a new era for humanity and will have several sides. We need to contemplate it deeply, along with its many connections and implications.
Will Jupiter energy be reborn or taken to a higher level, or will we enter into a period of contraction on many levels? If we follow the Cosmic Guru we can overcome all obstacles.