Horrific brutality caught live on camera: Dog tied on a car dragged in Kerala

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The brutal act of a dog being dragged on the road tied on a car has gone viral on social media. In this incident which took place in Kerala, a car owner was seen committing an atrocity against his pet dog. This entire act was filmed by a boy, who was on his bike following the car. The car’s number (KL42 J 6379) was visible from the video and its ownership was traced to Usaf s/o Kunjumarakar, a resident of North Paravur.
Akhil, who shot this video told reporters that he felt that this horrific act was committed intentionally and felt that the abused dog was the car driver’s pet. When Akhil confronted him, the driver shouted: “What loss will you have if this dog dies?” Another dog was also seen following the car while the abused dog was dragged on the road.
Kerala has a dreadful history of cruelty towards animals. Earlier a cow was slaughtered by the workers of Congress party in broad daylight on full public view. In another act, a pregnant wild elephant died after eating fruit stuffed with firecrackers that exploded in her mouth. This incident had lead to national condemnation and widespread debates about the safety of animals in Kerala.
As per the reports, the Kerala police have arrested Usaf in connection with the incident.