Pakistan selling Hindu and Christian girls to the Chinese rich, says IRF Ambassador Sam Brownback

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US Ambassador-at-large for the International Religious Freedom Sam Brownback has accused Pakistan of selling Hindu and Christian girls to the rich people from China. The IRF ambassador has tweeted “Hindu and Christian women from poor and marginalized communities in Pakistan are vulnerable to traffickers falsely promising marriage to wealthy Chinese men. Once married in China, these women are often isolated, neglected, abused and, at times, sold as prostitutes.”
Ambassador’s revelation comes at a time when there are evidence of state-sponsored brutalities on minorities emerging from Pakistan. While speaking to the press about ‘forced brides or concubines’ of Pakistan, Sam observed that it was happening "because there's not effective support and there's discrimination against religious minorities that make them more vulnerable”.
In December 2019, Associated Press had accessed a list of 629 Pakistani girls and women, who were sold as brides to Chinese men and taken to China in 2018 and up to early 2019. Recently, while labelling Pakistan as a country of particular concern (CPC) under the International Religious Freedom Act, ‘forceful selling of minority girls’ was listed as a reason.