“What is the need to vote for those people who don’t have ‘paradise’?” CPM backed MLA P V Anvar’s communal rant sparks controversy

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A complaint has been lodged against Left Democratic Front backed independent MLA P.V Anvar for allegedly making an ‘Islamist’ comment during the local body election campaign. The complaint was filed by Nilambur assembly Youth Congress president Shajahan Payimpadam accusing Anvar of making a communal statement against Congress’s Hindu candidate contesting the election in a Muslim-dominant ward.
P.V Anvar had allegedly said “Masha Allah, during this time of Magreeb I am speaking to you while Allah is watching. This is not politics. It is my ‘anaamat’ to help those people who had helped me. What is the need to vote for those people who don’t have ‘paradise’? Rest, you understand yourself.” He also said that only if people vote for the LDF candidate in the local body election they would get drinking water.
The complainant alleges that the MLA has violated model code of conduct and has done crime that falls under section 171F of Indian Penal Code. He also demands that the candidature of LDF backed independent candidate for whom P.V Anvar had campaigned, be cancelled for the violation of ‘model code of conduct’. Anvar is a controversial politician from Kerala who has been in past accused of being involved in several land grabbing incidents.